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How to Find Out Your Most-Played Nintendo Switch Game of 2020

Gamers can find out their most-played Nintendo Switch game of the year with a handy tool.

The Nintendo Switch Year In Review 2020 has finally launched.

Of course, everyone’s most requested piece of information is their most-played Nintendo Switch game of the year. However, the Year In Review has a load of other interesting stats too.

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What Info Does the Nintendo Switch Year in Review Give Me?

In addition to telling players their top 5 most-played Nintendo Switch games of the year, it’ll also tell you how long you’ve spent playing on the Switch in total.

It also tells you how many games you’ve played across the year.

A graph will also tell players how many hours you played in each month of 2020 and details what your most active day of the year was.

All of the stats shown also have a comparison to your numbers in 2019. They’ll probably be higher in 2020 for most!

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Finally, the Year In Review also tells Switch players what type of gamer they are. There are a number of types you could get.

According to Nintendo, a ‘core gamer’ is ” a skilled, experienced player who is always up for a challenge”.

How To Check Your Most-Played Game

All you need to do is sign in on the Nintendo website, which lets Nintendo players in the US and Canada see a whole load of details about their year playing on the switch.

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Animal Crossing fans can expect to be labelled a ‘Getaway Traveller’. “A player who likes to realize the potential of a deserted island”.

This year’s Nintendo Year in Review was all about the switch, but who knows what future consoles might feature? Have a look at what Nintendo has just said about the potential Switch Pro to find out.

While it’s interesting to see where the Switch might go in the future, there is also new leaked information about the Switch’s original prototype. This is what the Switch could have looked like if this 2014 prototype is correct.

An early contender for 2021’s most-played Nintendo Switch game of the year could be Pokémon Sword and Shield. It’s just received a huge update.

This isn’t the only exciting Nintendo news of the day as there is also a big new Smash Ultimate update.

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