The lost city of Londinion is a quest-exclusive location that players will need to seek out to complete the side quest Hostile Intelligence in Starfield.

Londinion, much like many of Fallout’s vaults, has a violent history and one that players can uncover by exploring it.

Below, we explain how to find Londinion in Starfield and what happened to the ruined city.

How to Find

Londinion can be found on the planet Toliman II in the Toliman system, which is one grav jump from the Sol system.

You need to land at the Forward Base 441 destination point on Toliman II to access the city.

However, the only way you can gain access to Londinion is by unlocking it through the Hostile Intelligence mission.

The planet map for Londinion in Starfield

As part of the quest, you will need to speak to Commander Saira Hatoum at Forward Base 411 before Londinion, and she will give you the access codes to unlock the city.

You can land on the planet at any time prior to this, however, you won’t be able to enter the city. Once you’ve completed the quest, the city will remain open and Terrormorph-free.

Once you get to Londinion, you’ll find it to be a ruin after the United Colonies bombed it to curb the expanding population of the deadly Terrormorphs.

Before it was destroyed, it was a lively and populated city housing millions of people. However, UC experiments caused the planet’s natural predators, the Terrormorphs, to grow out of control, threatening to destroy everything.

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