To find the Cursed Tomb Treasure in Hogwarts Legacy, players can fast travel to the West Manor Cape Floo Flame. Here, they will have to find and follow the map to locate the Treasure Seeker’s attire.

This side quest starts in Manor Cape and takes players on a puzzle solving adventure after discovering a mysterious map.

  1. Complete the Helm of Urtkot and other quest requirements
  2. Unlock the entrance to the manor basement
  3. Defeat Alisa Travers and open the Level 1 locked chest
  4. Follow the map and go inside the Tomb of Treachery at Poidsear Coast
  5. Unlock the door with Moths
  6. Defeat the Inferi and solve the puzzle using Flipendo
  7. Claim your reward

Complete the Helm of Urtkot & Quest Requirements

  • Players must have completed the main story mission “The Helm of Urtkot” to unlock this side quest. You will also need Alohomora Level 1 to complete it as well.
  • The final objective players will need before beginning the Cursed Tomb Treasure quest is by learning Flipendo. To learn this spell, you must finish “Professor Garlick’s Second Assignment”.
  • After that, you can talk to Professor Garlick who will teach you Flipendo. You are now ready to begin searching for the Cursed Tomb Treasure.
Professor Garlick Hogwarts Legacy
Professor Garlick in Hogwarts Legacy

Unlock the Manor Basement

  • To start the quest, you will need to head over to the East of Manor Cape to find the large Manor (Blue) or if you have the West Manor Cape Floo Flame (Red), you can fast travel over there.
Location of Quest and Floo Flame
RED: Floo Flame location / BLUE: Quest starting location
  • Players must make their way to the basement at the Manor by the West Manor Cape Floo Flame. There are two methods to do so, however, the first one will require Level 3 Alohomora.
  • Method 1 – Head into the Manor and unlock the basement door.
    • This can be found by heading through the doors on the west of the building as shown on the left side of the image below.
    • The basement will be to the right upon entry as shown to the right of the image.
    • Unlock the basement door using Alohomora.
Manor basement Hogwarts Legacy
LEFT: Manor door entrance / Right: Direction to basement
  • Method 2 – Open the hidden entrance.
    • Instead of heading through the Manor gates, head up the hill to the left, as shown on the left of the image.
    • This method does not require any level of Alohomora but you will need Confringo or Inciendio.
    • Use Confringo or Inciendio to light the brazier on fire to reveal the hidden entrance, as shown on the right of the image.
Method two for opening manor basement
LEFT: Direction to hidden entrance / RIGHT: Brazier you need to set on fire

Defeat Alisa Travers & Find the Map Fragment

  • After entering you will be met with Alisa Travers, you must defeat her and the Inferi before continuing.
    • She uses a purple shield, so we recommend having at least one Force spell equipped as well as a fire spell for the Inferi.
    • Alternatively, you can use Avada Kedavra to kill her instantly.
Alisa Travers boss Cursed Tomb Treasure Hogwarts Legacy
  • After winning the battle, you need to open the locked chest in that room with Alohomora.
  • This chest will contain the map fragment for the Curse Tomb Treasure.
Cursed Tomb Treasure map Hogwarts Legacy

Follow the Map to the Tomb of Treachery at Poidsear Coast

  • After finding the map, you will need to follow it to the far North of the Poidsear Coast.
Tomb of Treachery Hogwarts Legacy
  • Once you reach the tomb, head inside and continue all the way north until you reach a tomb filled with bones.
  • Burn the spider webs to the left of the tomb with a fire spell.
Cursed Tomb Treasure directions
  • You will be met by some spiders which you need to defeat.
  • After defeating them you will need to open the door requiring three Moths.

Unlock the Door With Moths

  • To open the door, you will need to equip Lumos to collect each set of Moths.
  • The first two sets of Moths will be located to the right of the door.
    • One will require a fire spell to remove cobwebs in front of it.
Cursed Tomb Treasure Door unlock
  • Use Lumos to collect each Moth, bring them to the door and turn Lumos off to attach them.
    • You can only carry one at a time.
  • The final Moth will be in the room to the left.
  • Here you will need to use Accio or Wingardium Leviosa to move the box in front of the large wall as shown on the left side of the image below.
  • Climb on the box and up onto the ledge to find the final Moth as shown on the right of the image.
  • Use Lumos to collect it and bring it back to the door.
  • The door will now open.
How to find third moth in Cursed Tomb Treasure
LEFT: Box you need to move to jump on ledge / RIGHT: Third Moth location

Defeat the Inferi & Solve the Puzzle

  • Enter through the door you have opened and Inferi should start coming from the ground.
  • Defeat these by using fire spells.
  • After defeating them, note the eight tiles in the center of the room.
Battling Inferi in Tomb
  • To solve the puzzle, you will need to use Flipendo on the three tiles featured on the map.
Cursed Tomb Treasure Hogwarts Legacy Puzzle

Rewards for Cursed Tomb Treasure in Hogwarts Legacy

After solving the puzzle, a chest will rise from the ground to give you your reward. Open the chest and you will receive the following:

  • 400 Galleons
  • 180 XP
  • Treasure Seekers Attire
Cursed Tomb Treasure Reward

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