In Hogwarts Legacy, players can find the Cache in the Castle quest treasure by locating the painting of a snow-covered house in the North Hall at the Bell Tower Wing in Hogwarts.

However, to access it, you must first pass the rhino skeleton in the Dark Arts Tower, then the fountain and large tree in the Transfiguration Courtyard.

Fortunately, Cache in the Castle is just one of the many side quests available in Hogwarts Legacy. Some of the others offer even greater rewards.

Of course, if you want a comprehensive breakdown of how to complete this treasure-hunting quest in Hogwarts Legacy, keep reading.

the treasure behind the painting in Cache in the Castle Quest

Cache in the Castle Quest Guide Hogwarts Legacy

You get the Cache in the Castle quest from Arthur Plummly, who can be found outside the Charms classroom in The Astronomy Wing.

To complete the Cache in the Castle quest in Hogwarts Legacy, follow these steps:

This is not the only treasure map quest in Hogwarts Legacy. Fans may also want to know where you can find the Ghost of Our Love treasure location.

Locate Arthur Plummly & Get the Treasure Map

  • Locate Arthur Plummly outside the Charms classroom in The Astronomy Wing.
  • You can find him easily by fast traveling to the Charms Classroom Floo Flame and heading down the stairs towards the statue. Arthur Plummly is to the left of the statue.
  • Once you’ve accepted the quest, you’ll receive a map directing you to a painting.
Arthur Plummly from Hogwarts Legacy on the left and the Cache in the Castle quest map on the right
Arthur Plummly by the Charms classroom (left) The Cache in the Castle quest map (right)

Find the Rhino Skeleton

  • Head down the stairs next to where you met Arthur Plummly by the Charms classroom.
  • Go down three floors until you reach the one with the floating musical instruments playing.
  • Head towards the musical instruments and then turn left.
  • Head down the staircase until you reach the rhino skeleton.
  • You need to go up to the rhino skeleton for this to work. Your character will mention how they’re on the right track when you get close enough.
the Rhino skeleton in the Dark Arts Tower in Hogwarts Legacy

Find the Wyvern Fountain

  • To reach the fountain, turn right at the rhino skeleton and head down the stairs until you reach a door.
  • Go through the double doors. You’ll now be in the Transfiguration Courtyard.
  • On your left is the Wyvern fountain. Go up to it to trigger the next piece of dialogue.
  • There’s also a Field Guide Page next to it, so you should grab that too.
  • You need to go right up to the fountain for this to work. You also have to do this step after the rhino skeleton, otherwise, your character’s line of dialogue won’t trigger.
the Wyvern Fountain in the Transfiguration Courtyard in Hogwarts Legacy

Locate the Painting & Collect the Treasure

  • Next, go further into the courtyard, past the fountain and large tree, until you reach another set of double doors.
  • Go through the doors and head up the first set of stairs.
  • Turn right, and you’ll see another, much larger staircase.
  • Continue up there until you reach the painting of a snow-covered house.
  • Use Accio to open the painting and reveal the chest behind it.
  • Loot the chest. Inside will be the Authentic Historians Uniform.
  • Finally, head back to Arthur Plummly.
  • You’ll locate him either by the Charms Classroom again or past up the stairs and to the right.
the painting and treasure behind it from the Cache in the Castle quest in Hogwarts Legacy
The painting and the treasure behind it.

It is crucial that you do this quest in this specific order. If you rush to the painting without passing the rhino skeleton and fountain, you will be unable to open the painting.

However, if you do it in the right order, you will unlock the Authentic Historian’s Uniform outfit, which can be equipped using Hogwarts Legacy’s transmog system.

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