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How to Fast Travel in Saints Row – All Fast Travel Photo Locations

If you’re wondering how fast travel works in Saints Row 2022, you’ll need to hone your photography skills! Here’s everything you need to know:

Fast travel is a staple of many open-world games, and the Saints Row reboot is no exception. Although you’ve got a fancy new wingsuit to help you get from point A to point B, the fastest way to move around Santo Ileso is by fast traveling.

Simply choose your destination from one of the game’s available fast travel locations and you’ll instantly appear there. But in order to unlock fast travel, you’ll first have to get your camera out.

How to Unlock Fast Travel in Saints Row 2022

  • To unlock fast travel in the Saints Row reboot, simply head to one of the marked locations on your map that looks like a train icon. You can see each one pictured below.
  • Then, open your map again and look at the picture that appears when hovering over this fast travel marker.
  • Find the subject that is pictured in-game and bring up your camera using up on the D-Pad or opening your phone and selecting Camera.
  • You’ll know you’re in the correct location if you see a box appearing around your subject.
  • Try and capture the box entirely within your camera zoom by changing your position, zooming in and out, or adjusting your angle.
  • When you see the subject box turn green, that’s your signal to take the picture!
  • And just like that, you’ll have a new fast travel option unlocked on your Saints Row map.

How to Fast Travel in Saints Row

  • Open the map app and select the fast travel (train) icon at any unlocked location to instantly be transported to the area of your choice.

All Fast Travel Locations

El Dorado

El Dorado Fast Travel Saints Row
El Dorado Fast Travel Location Saints Row

Panther Rock – West Providencia

Panther Rock Fast Travel Saints Row
Panther Rock Travel Location Saints Row

Cactus Bill – Lakeshore South

Cactus Bill Fast Travel Saints Row
Cactus Bill Fast Travel Location Saints Row

Lone Wolf – Badlands South

Lone Wolf Fast Travel Saints Row
Lone Wolf Fast Travel Location Saints Row

Fast Travel Photo Not Working Tips

  • If you’re having trouble taking a fast travel photo that just doesn’t seem to want to register, try reloading your save.
  • This will allow you to reset the world and often change the weather or time of day, which can make things easier.
  • Also, be sure to head to the exact location on your map where the fast travel icon is displayed. Select it on the map to drop a waypoint for yourself in-game, and try and shoot the photo from that exact location.
  • If that doesn’t work, try a series of angles from around the subject. As soon as you see the box pop up around the fast travel point, you know you’re in the right place.

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