Elden Ring brings back the tried-and-tested Fast Travel mechanic – here’s how to use it.

Elden Ring is Hidetaka Miyazaki’s first voyage into a true open-world Souls title. And Elden Ring’s scale is truly impressive to witness.

Just take a look at the Elden Ring map and you’ll see what we’re talking about here. The Lands Between will involve a lot of traveling, and your path is often treacherous.

Thankfully, you won’t be making the journey alone! You can easily summon your trusty steed, Torrent, and ride around the environment.

elden ring horse mount

Or why not summon an ally to your Elden Ring world and have them help keep you alive?

Of course, if you’re returning to any location in Elden Ring, the easiest thing to do is simply to Fast Travel.

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Elden Ring: How to Fast Travel

To Fast Travel in Elden Ring, you’ll need to locate Sites of Lost Grace around the game’s world. Simply open your map and you’ll be able to Fast Travel to any site you’ve already rested at.

There are, of course, several exceptions to the rule.

When in particularly dangerous areas of The Lands Between such as dungeons and more, you’ll not be able to Fast Travel as a means of escape.

Elden Ring Site of Lost Grace

It’s worth pointing out that you’ll also be unable to Fast Travel in Elden Ring when in combat. However, by using a Vision of Grace you will at least be able to return to your most recent Site of Lost Grace.

Doing so will cause you to lose all your Runes though, which makes leveling up in Elden Ring harder than ever!

If you’re finding travel too difficult, you could always turn invasions off in Elden Ring. Of course, some players may scoff at the idea of making the notoriously difficult game easier, but there’s no shame in it.

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