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How to Farm Cold War Zombies Camos Easily in Firebase Z

Find out how to easily farm Cold War Zombies camos in Firebase Z by hopping up into this glitch spot.

Weapon camos are always highly sought after in Call of Duty. Although, some can be very tedious and time-consuming to unlock.

It could take hours upon hours to unlock all the camos you want. However, this new spot in Firebase Z will make your camo grind so much quicker and easier.

Easily Farm Zombies Camos in Firebase Z

If you hop up onto the side of a desk in the Data Center, then zombies will no longer attack you. This means that you can easily farm weapon camos as zombies won’t even try to get to you.

However, some Cold War players totally hate the zombies camos so they won’t try to unlock them.

The most likely reason you’ll be in the Data Center is to power up one of the Aether Reactors. Follow our guide on how to turn the power on in Firebase Z.

Firebase Z Unreachable Glitch Spot

The exact desk to hop on is in the South-East corner of the Data Center, right next to an electrical hazard sign.

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To hop up on the desk you’ll first have to stand in front of the electrical hazard sign. Then just jump sideways -this will balance you on the side of the desk.

The video below shows exactly how to get to the glitched spot to farm your camos. It also demonstarates how the zombies are uable to detect you if you are standing on the desk.

If you stand next to the desk then Zombies will charge at you, but as soon as you jump up onto the desk they will magically lose sight of you and walk away.

Therefore, it is best to hop down from your safe spot every now and then. This will bait some zombies towards you, before you kill them.

zFlaze Reddit

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Zombies fans love the new Firebase Z map, but there have still been a few glitches. Mimics are throwing players through walls and this game-breaking bg has ruined the game for some.

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