Building 21 is a challenging area in DMZ, so you’ll want to exfil as soon as possible after you get all the loot you need!

Warzone 2’s DMZ game mode is all about collecting valuable loot, but if you want to keep it, you’ll need to leave the map safely.

Unfortunately, getting out of Building 21 with all of the great loot is pretty challenging. You’ll need to be prepared so you can exfil with your whole squad alive!

But before you find out how to exfil, you’ll need to know how to get a keycard to access Building 21 in DMZ!


How to Exfil Using the Elevator in Building 21 – Warzone 2 DMZ

To exfil from Building 21 in Warzone 2 DMZ, you must head to the marked evacuation elevator. Only one of the many elevators is available to extract from every game.

Once you reach the elevator, you must then call it and wait for it to arrive before entering and then, once inside, you’ll need to wait for the doors to close before you extract.

  • First, wait until the countdown reaches 7 minutes
    • The evacuation elevator will be marked with an icon of a blue man running through a door once the countdown timer reaches 7:00
    • This gives you plenty of time to get the Weapon Case in Building 21 before you decide to extract
  • Head over to the evacuation elevator
    • Be careful of exfil campers – as there is only one evacuation elevator to exfil from, this makes it very easy for exfil campers to ambush you
Extraction Elevator Warzone 2 DMZ Building 21
  • Go up to the elevator and press the interact button to call the elevator and start the exfil process
    • The Interact button is square on PlayStation, X on Xbox or F or keyboard
  • This will start a 30-second countdown for when the elevator arrives
  • Defend yourself and your team from any enemies or AI guards while you wait for the elevator to arrive
  • Once the countdown is over, get your squad into the elevator
  • Once your squad is in the elevator, this will begin a new 20-second countdown for the doors to close
  • To successfully extract, you must survive until this countdown ends
    • You can’t put equipment or field upgrades inside the lift, so be sure to throw them outside to defend yourself

While you’re in Building 21, find out all of the Faction Missions and rewards in Warzone 2 DMZ!

Exfil Elevator Warzone 2 DMZ Building 21
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