MW3 has taken the popular DMZ mode from Warzone and added swarms of zombies into the mix with MWZ.

The extraction shooter game mode tasks you with looting as many weapons and gear as you can, before heading to an Exfil point to escape with your loot safely.

Below we’re going to cover how to survive the zombie horde and Exfil in MWZ so you can leave with all your precious cargo intact.

Player looking at green smoke from flare for Exfil extraction in MWZ

How to Exfil

To extract in MW3 Zombies, you must head to an Exfil location on your Tac-Map. Then, you need to call in and wait for a helicopter for extraction and survive the oncoming zombie horde.

After a minute, the extraction helicopter will arrive at your location and a countdown timer will appear at the top of the screen. After roughly 35 seconds, the chopper will take off, allowing players to extract their loot.

To find your nearest Exfil location, open up your Tac-Map and look out for a Fire Exit icon with a blue figure running towards a door:

Exfil icon on Tac-Map in MWZ

Once you reach the Exfil location, you’ll see a flare emitting green smoke. You, or one of your squad, can interact with the flare by pressing X on Xbox, Square on PlayStation, and E on PC.

This will call in a helicopter and mark the incoming Exfil location for all squads in the game:

Exil Helicopter Inbound in MWZ

It will also trigger a zombie horde to attack your location. You need to hold your position and survive to extract successfully.

Zombie Horde Exfil extraction MWZ

Once the timer counts down to zero, you must board the helicopter to make sure you extract successfully with all of your hard-earned loot!

Successful Exfil on Helicopter in MWZ

What If You Miss Your Exfil?

If you miss your Exfil, there should be other Exfil locations that you can head to on your map for another attempt to extract your loot successfully.

However, there are a finite amount of Exfil locations within a MWZ match due to the oncoming Aether Storm. After all Exfil points have been removed by the storm, one final Exfil location will reveal itself on the map for all players.

Exfil in zone one on tac-map in MWz

The Aether Storm will start to push into the map and eliminate Exfil locations after 45 minutes. There is a one-hour time limit for each session of MW3 Zombies.

Although it can be tempting to stay and gather as much loot as possible, we recommend not sticking around for longer than necessary. The fewer Exfil locations available, the more likely you’ll encounter trouble from the undead!

Tips & Tricks

  • There are three zones associated with three difficulty tiers in a MWZ match. You will find better loot in the more difficult zones, but also encounter much more difficult enemies. You must acquire the necessary gear needed before you tackle the harder zones. Here are the zones:
    • Zone 1: Low Threat
    • Zone 2: Medium Threat
    • Zone 3: High Threat
Collage of three difficulty zones in MWZ
  • Try and move quickly and extract as soon as you can. The later you attempt to Exfil, the more difficult it will be as the enemies you face will be harder
  • Once you have initiated an Exfil, try to plan ahead:
    • Get to cover quickly as a horde of zombies will swarm your position
    • Set traps, such as Claymores, to protect yourself from the surrounding zombies
  • Hold off on jumping into the helicopter immediately
    • Zombies will follow you inside and try to take you down if you head in too early!
Zombies in the helicopter during an Exil Extraction attempt in MWZ

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