Sprigatito, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Grass-type starter, evolves into Floragato and Meowscarada – here’s how you can trigger these evolutions!

Plenty of Pokemon fans have opted to choose the cat-like Sprigatito as their starter in Scarlet and Violet, but as they get more powerful, they’ll need to evolve.

Here’s how you can evolve Sprigatito into Floragato and Meowscarada in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

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Sprigatito sitting on a dirt path next to a bed of yellow flowers and a wooden fence

How to Evolve Sprigatito into Floragato

To evolve Sprigatito into Floragato in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you need to level it up until it reaches level 16.

Once your Sprigatito reaches level 16, it will automatically evolve into Floragato, its mid-stage evolution which stands on two legs instead of four.

Take part in as many battles as you can with Sprigatito to speed up this process. Additionally, you can raise your friendship level with this Pokemon with the new Picnic feature to boost the EXP it earns!

Of course, like all starter Pokemon, there is a third evolution stage. And evolving Floragato into Meowscarada is also pretty simple!

Floragato Evolution Pokemon Scarlet Violet

How to Evolve Floragato into Meowscarada in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

To evolve Floragato into Meowscarada in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you need to reach level 36 with your Floragato.

This may take a while, but you’ll know as soon as it hits level 36 as it will automatically evolve into Meowscarada!

In addition to Grass, Meowscarada gains another typing, making it a Grass/Dark type Pokemon.

This is a pretty cool final evolution, but Quaxly and Fuecoco have some interesting final forms too. Here’s every starter Pokemon evolution in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet so you can compare them!

Meowscarada Evolution Pokemon Scarlet Violet

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