If you want to evolve your Poltchageist into a Sinistcha, you’ll need to gather one of two evolution items, depending on your Pokemon’s authenticity!

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet just introduced two new Matcha-themed Pokemon, but each one has two variants to discover.

Poltchageist, the pre-evolution form, has both an Artisan and Counterfeit variant that appear incredibly similar to one another.

Meanwhile, Sinistcha has both a Masterpiece and Unremarkable Form that only has one differentiating factor between them.

How to Evolve Poltchageist Into Sinistcha

To evolve Poltchageist into Sinistcha, trainers need to use either the Masterpiece Teacup or the Unremarkable Teacup on the Pokemon, from the Other Items slot of their bag.

The item required depends on which variant of Poltchageist you have:

  • The Masterpiece Teacup will evolve an Artisan Form Poltchageist into Masterpiece Form Sinistcha.
  • The Unremarkable Teacup will evolve a Counterfeit Form Poltchageist into Unremarkable Form Sinistcha.

Both Poltchageist forms will still evolve into Sinistcha by using their respective Teacups as an evolution item.

How to Use Unremarkable Teacup in Pokemon Scarlet Violet

However, they can only use that specific item to evolve, the forms and items can’t be mixed and matched.

How to Get the Masterpiece Teacup

The Masterpiece Teacup is hiding in a cave behind a sleeping Snorlax on the southeasternmost point of the Timeless Woods.

It appears as a red Poke Ball item which you can pick up once per save file.

Where to Get Masterpiece Teacup

How to Get the Unremarkable Teacup

The Unremarkable Teacup is located in a cave in Paradise Barrens, just right of the red signpost.

It also appears as a red Poke Ball item which you can pick up once per save file.

Where to find Unremarkable Teacup in Pokemon The Teal Mask

Below, we have full guides on getting each of the necessary items, so you’re prepared no matter which kind of Poltchageist you encounter!

How to Tell the Difference Between Artisan and Counterfeit Poltchageist

The only difference between an Artisan and a Counterfeit Poltchageist is a stamp of authenticity near the base of the Pokemon’s jar.

Only the Artisan Poltchageist and Masterpiece Sinistcha will have this tiny marking. The Counterfeit Poltchageist and Unremarkable Sinistcha are inhabiting cheaper knock-offs without the mark.

It is possible to see this marking when your Pokemon is out of its Poke Ball, by angling the camera underneath it. However, it is very difficult to spot.

Artisan Poltchageist Marking
Credit: AustinJohnPlays

A better way of seeing whether you’ve got the real or phony version of the Matcha Pokemon is by checking the Pokemon summary when it pops up after catching the creature.

Below the Ghost/Grass typing, you can see what form you’ve caught.

How to Tell Between Counterfeit and Masterpiece Poltchageist

However, this isn’t visible after catching your green tea-themed Pokemon.

Instead, you could use a Masterpiece or Unremarkable Teacup from your Other Items slot of your bag to quickly see which Poltchageist it is usable on.

Reportedly, there is a 1/100 chance of a Poltchageist being an Artisan Poltchageist when encountering it in the wild. Therefore, there’s a staggeringly low 1/409,600 chance of finding a shiny Artisan Poltchageist to catch!

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