To evolve Capsakid into Scovillain in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you just need a singular item. Fortunately, we’re here to help you find it.

There are a number of unique Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet that require a little more effort to make them evolve. Capsakid is one such Pokemon, but its evolution is absolutely worth it.

This isn’t the only Pokemon that requires a specific method to evolve. It’s not even the only Pokemon that needs a stone to evolve. So, make sure you familiarize yourself with these evolutions as well:

How Do You Evolve Capsakid into Scovillain?

To evolve a Capsakid into a Scovillain in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you must give it a Fire Stone. This can be done at any time, and your Capsakid can be any level.

However, make sure that you definitely want to evolve your Capsakid, as the Fire Stone will be consumed upon using it.

Capsakid running around in the wild in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Where to Find a Fire Stone in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

You can purchase Fire Stones from any Delibird Presents in Levincia, Mesagoza, and Cascarrafa once you have obtained three Gym badges. They cost 3,000 Poke Dollars each.

Alternatively, you can find them along the river that separates North Province (Area Two) and East Province (Area Three).

Where to Find Capsakid in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Capsakid can exclusively be found on the Western side of Paldea, specifically in the Asado Desert. It is not particularly rare; however, due to its small size, it can be easy to miss.

Additionally, you can also spot it in West Province (Area Two), West Province (Area One), and around the Cascarrafa region.

the map of Paldea showing the location of where Capsakid can be found

For a full list of locations where Capsakid can be found, keep reading:

  • Asado Desert
  • Colonnade Hollow
  • West Province (Area One)
  • West Province (Area Two)
  • South Province (Area Two)
  • South Province (Area Six)

Where to Find Scovillain in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Scovillain is typically found on the East and South sides of Glaseado Mountain. However, you can also find it in specific areas on the West side of Glaseado Mountain as well as North of Casseroya Lake.

Outside of the snow-covered Glaseado Mountain, you’ll also find Scovillain in South Province (Area Six) near Alfornada.

the map of Paldea showing the location of where Scovillain can be found

For a full list of locations where Scovillain can be found, keep reading:

  • Glaseado Mountain
  • Zapapico
  • South Province (Area Six)
  • West Province (Area Three)
  • North Province (Area One)
  • North Province (Area Two)
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