Key Points
Completion Time:
10 Minutes
180 XP
Must Haves:
Complete the Poppy Sweeting Quest – It's In The Stars

Bird in the Hand is the final assignment in Poppy Sweeting’s Relationship quests in Hogwarts Legacy, and it requires you to enter the ruins before you can rescue another fantastic beast.

As you and the girl look for the Snidget, a creature that is believed to be extinct, you will come across a sundial puzzle, which will need to be solved to enter the ruins.

To complete the puzzle and enter the ruins, Hogwarts Legacy players need to place the Moonstone in the center of the sundial and cast Accio on the two pillars to move them to these locations:

  • Outer pillar – left of the “H” symbol.
  • Inner pillar – left of the “A” symbol.

Once you’ve placed these pillars in this spot, the entrance to the ruins will open. From here, you can start searching for Snidgets to finish the quest and receive some XP while moving one step closer to acquiring all Lucky Leprechaun appearance items for completing side quests.

Inside you will also find a ton of chests that contain gear. If you manage to discover an unidentified item, make sure you know how to reveal it.

How to Enter Ruins solution
LEFT: Final position of Inner Pillar / RIGHT: Final position of Outer Pillar

How to Complete a Bird in the Hand Quest

  • After entering the ruins, make your way through the cavern and follow the path until you reach three closed doors.
    • Along the way, you will need to use Diffindo, Inciendio, or Confringo to remove tree branches blocking the path.
  • To open the doors, use Accio on a box located to the left and bring it over to the opposite side.
Accio box for locating cubes
  • Climb on the box to find a cube on the ledge shown on the left of the image below. Use Accio on the cube, noting the ice symbol on it, and place it on the corresponding tile in front of the door.
  • Head over to the side where you got the box from and you will find a second cube in the indent of the wall as shown on the right of the image.
  • Use Accio to carry the box, noting the fire symbol, to the correct tile displaying the same sign.
How to enter door in bird in the hand quest Hogwarts Legacy
LEFT: Location of Ice cube / RIGHT: Location of Fire cube
  • With both cubes in the correct location, use Glacius on the ice cube and Inciendio on the fire cube.
  • The door will open as shown in the image below. You will have to battle poachers on the other side. before continuing.
  • After defeating the poachers, open the door opposite where you entered.
  • A cutscene will play and the mission will be complete.
Two cubes opening the door

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