It’s a new era in gaming where most gamers can play with each other regardless of their choice of console, but if you’re on Xbox, you need to make sure to enable this function.

Crossplay is when players can play with others outside of their current console. This means that Xbox can play with PC, PlayStation, or even Nintendo. However, not every player enjoys doing this.

This is why Xbox has a setting that allows players to enable or disable crossplay on their console.

How to Enable Crossplay on Xbox Consoles

Players can enable crossplay on their Xbox by heading to their Communication & Multiplayer settings and allowing the function to “play with people outside of Xbox Live.”

This is the default setting on your console, so unless someone changes it to “Block,” your Xbox should allow crossplay with other platforms. However, it’s always worth checking, and you can do that by following these steps:

  1. Open up your Guide Menu from the Xbox Dashboard.
  2. Head to your Setting Menu.
  3. In the General tab, choose Online Safety & Family.
  4. Choose the setting Privacy & Online Safety.
  5. From here, go into Xbox Privacy.
Xbox Privacy Settings
  1. Choose to View details & customize.
View details and customize settings
  1. Finally, here you will find the Communication & multiplayer option. Choose this to find the crossplay setting.
Communication and Multiplayer Settings Xbox
  1. Under “You can play with people outside Xbox Live,” choose to Allow to enable crossplay with other platforms.
    • If you want to turn off crossplay, then choose Block instead.
Enable Crossplay Xbox
  1. Now Crossplay will be available for any game that supports it.
    • Most video games also have a crossplay setting in-game. You can usually find this setting under the “Online” or “Connectivity” settings.

After enabling crossplay on Xbox, you’ll likely need to add your friends through a specific client’s friend list. For example, Epic Games have their own specific ID that they use during crossplay.

Below is a list of some of the most popular multiplayer games and if they support crossplay:

Game TitleCrossplayClient
Call of Duty: MW2 & WarzoneYesActivision ID
Overwatch ID
Diablo ID
Apex LegendsYesEA Friend
FortniteYesEpic Games ID
Rocket LeagueYesEpic Games ID
EA Sports FC 24YesEA Friend

If crossplay isn’t working for you, then make sure that your friends have also enabled crossplay on their consoles. When one of you doesn’t turn on crossplay, then you can’t play together.