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How to Enable 120 FPS on MW2 PS5 & Boost Frame Rate

If you’re playing MW2 on PS5, you might need to do a few extra things before you start experiencing the next-gen performance with 120 FPS.

Any time you purchase a game like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, you’re hoping to get optimal performance from any platform you plan to play it on.

But to achieve that and boost performance to 120 FPS on PS5 for Modern Warfare 2, you’ll need to fix some system settings.

How to Get 120 FPS on Modern Warfare PS5

You’ll need to change your PS5’s system presets to “Performance Mode” to get 120 FPS on Modern Warfare.

To turn on Performance Mode, simply follow these steps:

  • Head to “Settings” from the PS5 home page (top right)
  • Scroll down to “Save Data and Game/App Settings”
  • Click on “Game Presets”
  • Change Performance Mode or Resolution Mode to “Performance Mode”
  • You will be automatically put into any game’s performance mode on startup.
PS5 Performance Mode

This performance boost allows for greater frame rates, allowing Modern Warfare 2 to feel more fluid, especially in high-intensity situations.

To take advantage of this you will need to make sure your monitor or TV is at least 120hz. A HDMI 2.1 slot will also allow you to max out on the 1440P resolution.

Be aware that turning on performance mode will sacrifice the 4k resolution for the higher frames.

MW2 120Hz Issue PS5

Some users were reporting that despite changing to Performance Mode, the frames had still not increased.

A Reddit user found this issue and proceeded to find a fix using their LG C1’s game bar.

How To Fix:

  • Head to Settings on the top right of your PS5 home page
  • Scroll down to “Saved Data and Game/App Settings” 
  • Select “Saved Data (PS5)”
  • Click on “Console Storage” 
  • Select “Delete”
  • Scroll down to Modern Warfare 2 Beta and select “Delete” on the right side

Deleting your saved file seemed be a quick fix. This would be in line with what other players did to fix their connection issues when loading up Modern Warfare 2.

Once you’ve sorted out the performance boost for your PS5, the next step would be to change to the best possible controller settings.

This will allow you to minimize your inputs while improving your movement abilities. This is critical in Modern Warfare 2 since its multiplayer maps are quite large and feature many different paths.

One thing that won’t be coming back is Slide Canceling which was a movement exploit that players would use to speed through the maps.

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