Key Points
Completion Time:
5 Minutes
20,000 XP, 350 Gold Bars
Must Haves:
Find A Chicken

Golden Eggs are a big part of the new Fortnite Easter event, Spring Breakout. You’ll need to gather one to complete a quest, and they’re a great source of gold bars.

However, finding one of these mythical eggs is no easy feat if you don’t know where to look. Fortunately, there’s a specific location where you’ll find a neverending supply.

Golden Eggs can be found in both the Zero Build and Battle Royale modes in Fortnite. However, we’ve recently learned that one is significantly more popular than the other!

Where to Find Golden Eggs in Fortnite

The easiest place to find Golden Eggs in Fortnite is the Frenzy Fields POI, as that is where the most chicken spawn.

However, you can also have a good chance of finding Golden Eggs on the Northwestern and Southern sides of the map.

Areas like Anvil Square and Steamy Springs are good places to look for chickens. Chickens also known to spawn along roadsides and outside of POIs, but are harder to locate.

However, Frenzy Fields is by far the best place to look for chickens and Golden Eggs. You’ll find them in the center or northernmost part of Frenzy Fields, typically around the large barn.

While you’ll find plenty of blue and purple eggs around there, if you wait long enough, a Golden Egg will appear.

If you don’t feel like dropping into Frenzy Fields, or it is a Golden POI for your match, you should pick any of this season’s best loot-filled landing spots first.

The location of Golden Eggs in Fortnite

How to Get a Golden Egg

To get a Golden Egg in Fortnite, follow these instructions:

  • Locate and chase a chicken around.
    • Do not kill the chicken. You cannot get eggs from it if it is dead.
  • Once the egg has dropped, go to it and hold the action button (Square/X/Y/E) to gather it.

Chickens will predominantly drop regular blue eggs, which are worth gathering as they’re needed for the Laid Egg quest. However, if you’re patient, they will eventually drop a Golden Egg.

You will gain 20,000 XP for the first Golden Egg you get as it completes the Spring Breakout quest. However, it is still worth gathering Golden Eggs after that, as they each drop 350 gold bars.

Of course, as this process takes a long time, it’s worth picking up this season’s best weapons so you can defend yourself while the chickens get busy laying eggs.

Collecting a Golden Egg in Fortnite near Frenzy Fields
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