EA Sports have released a brand new objective, FUT Champions Playoffs Plus, to reward players as they attempt to qualify for the weekend league.

However, completing this challenge is extremely tough as it requires you to win ten games in the playoffs, a feat only the highest level of FIFA player can achieve.

But now, a way to quickly complete this objective has been discovered, meaning you can earn many top-tier rewards.

How to Complete FUT Champions Playoffs Plus

Winning ten games out of 10 in Play Offs is difficult, but this new method means you will not have to go undefeated.

Players have discovered you can win four matches and then end their playoff run before they qualify for FUT Champions.

Here is what you must do:

  • Win four matches in the Champions Playoffs.
    • If you do not win your first four games, stop playing before you reach 20 points.
  • Head back out to the Champions Playoffs entry screen.
  • On PlayStation, press the Triangle button. On Xbox, press the Y button to end your playoffs early.
  • Confirm that you wish to end the playoffs.
  • After ending, you will have another opportunity to qualify, meaning you can get to 10 wins by achieving six victories in your second playoff run.
  • After getting the extra six wins, go to Objectives to collect your FUT Champions Playoffs Plus rewards.

To make winning even easier, ensure you have one of the best formations in FUT. The 3421 is a popular attacking formation amongst players at the moment!

FUT Champions Playoffs quit

Using this method ensures that you can complete this objective and get yourself some excellent rewards including packs and player picks.

Here is what you will obtain:

  • Play 5 – Eight Ligue 1 Players Pack
  • Play 7 – 1250 XP
  • Play 10 – 1250 XP
  • Win 5 – Player Pick 1 of 2 84+
  • Win 7 – Player Pick 1 of 3 84+
  • Win 10 – Player Pick 1 of 4 84+
  • Group Reward – 85+ Two Players Pack
FUT Champions Playoffs Plus Rewards
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