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How To Earn Free Items in Black Ops Cold War by Watching CDL

Find out how to get free items in Black Ops Cold War by watching the CDL on YouTube.

The Call of Duty League is finally back for the 2021 season. The top Call of Duty teams across the world will compete for millions of dollars.

The whole CDL season will be broadcast live on YouTube for fans to watch. Players can also earn exclusive items from watching CDL games this season, but they need to link their Call of Duty account to their YouTube.

Fans watching should also stay tuned for when Warzone comes to the CDL.

Firstly, to get the free CDL items, players must visit the settings of their YouTube account. Viewers can do this on the mobile app or computer.

In the settings, viewers then need to go to the account sharing section. At the bottom of the list, there should be the ‘connected apps’ section. Click on that.

Once you’re in the connected apps section, you can scroll down to find Activision ID. From there, you can sign in to you Activision ID and authorize the account connection.

It’s that simple. Now you’ll be eligible to get rewards from watching the CDL on YouTube.

Be sure to stay up to date with all of the new rule changes ahead of the 2021 CDL season.

Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Experience

Black Ops Cold War Free CDL Items

There is a range of free items that can be earned from watching the CDL online. Every game you watch lets you unlock more items.

Players can get a weapon charm, emblems, calling cards and XP Boosts from simply watching while after they connect their accounts.

Unfortunately, there are no camos or blueprints to be earned, but any free item is still good.

However, no camos might not be such bad news. Cold War Players think that weapon camos need a big change.

Meanwhile, Warzone players want the original Gulag to come back. This isn’t the only thing fans are annoyed at though. Angry players are finally fed up with the increasing number of cheaters in Warzone.

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