Sons of the Forest tasks players with surviving on a mysterious island and providing for themselves. Among other needs, survivors will need to make sure they drink plenty of water in order to stay alive.

To drink water in Sons of the Forest, simply find any freshwater stream or lake and press X / A / E when looking at the water’s surface. This will prompt your character to drink directly from the water source.

Drinking in this way will fill up half of your thirst gauge.

If you can’t see the water droplet icon, try moving around until it appears. You need to be up close with the water’s surface but the early access game is still a bit buggy and the option to drink doesn’t always appear right away.

How to Drink in Sons of the Forest

To find your nearest river or stream, press Right on the D-Pad or M to pull out your GPS and look for the blue parts on the map.

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Other fluids, such as Energy Drinks, can also be found as loot around the island. These will fill up your thirst bar too, but the items are consumable and can only be used once.

They’re a great way to stay hydrated on the move, but there’s another option that’s even better.

Where to Get a Flask in Sons of the Forest

To get the Flask in Sons of the Forest, players must find the 3D Printer in a cavern at the blinking dot’s location, shown on the GPS below:

Where to Find the 3D Printer Sons of the Forest
  • Head inside the cave ahead which is completely clear of enemies.
  • Use Left on the D-Pad or L to bring up your lighter and head forward until you find an abandoned lab.
  • In here, you’ll find multiple bottles of Printer Resin, as well as a laptop hooked up to a 3D Printer.
Where to Get a Flask in Sons of the Forest
  • Cycle through the options until you get to Flask.
  • Then press the button next to the tick icon to print your Flask. In 15 seconds, you’ll be able to grab it from the 3D Printer.
How to Get Flask in Sons of the Forest

The Flask can be filled up by equipping it from your inventory and holding X/A/E on any freshwater source as though you were attempting to drink from it.

When holding the Flask, players can press R2/RT/Left-Click to drink water. This can be done 4 times before the Flask needs to be refilled, giving you a great source of hydration on the go!

Filling a Flask in Sons of the Forest