EA has just launched a limited beta for FIFA Mobile 23, and here we’ll detail how to download the APK and which regions it is currently available for.

FIFA Mobile has been a massive success that allows EA to try out new things that would otherwise disrupt the current FIFA 23 Ultimate Team momentum.

FIFA Soccer: Beta (Mobile on India Google Store)

Here is the link to download the FIFA Mobile Limited Beta: Click Here

If you prefer to copy and paste, the link is here:

If you access the store listing from an unavailable country, you’ll see:

Example of trying to access the FIFA Mobile Beta app page from the US or UK
You must be in an available region to view the Google play store listing.

FIFA 23 Mobile Limited Beta APK Installation

To download and install, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Limited Beta APK.
  2. Go to “Settings” for your Android Device.
  3. Scroll down to “Safety and Privacy” and select the “Install Apps from Unknown Sources” option.
  4. Search for the FIFA Mobile 23 APK File in the list and tap the “Install” option next to it.
  5. Install the FIFA Mobile 23 APK alongside any additional updates.
  6. Open up FIFA Mobile 23 and log in as “Guest.”
    • All login methods will be disabled during the duration of the Limited Beta besides the “Guest” option.

FIFA Mobile Limited Beta Regions & Availability

To take part in the FIFA Mobile 23 Limited Beta, you must have an Android device and be in one of the following countries:

  • Canada
  • India

FIFA Mobile 23 Limited Beta Start Date & End Date

The FIFA Mobile 23 Limited Beta started on October 12, 2022, and EA has said that it will last until the end of October.

They have yet to mention an exact date, but it could very well lead into November if FIFA Mobile 23 requires more testing.

FIFA Mobile Beta Improvements & Major Changes

Some notable improvements to FIFA Mobile 23 include:

  • Improved possessions in VS Attack and League Matches when the ball goes out of reach or out of play
  • No more “No Switch” when using Semi Assisted Switching Setting
  • You will no longer be stuck in Attacking Control State when your opponent clearly gets the ball before you

There are also a few new features that gamers will be able to test out in FIFA Mobile 23, including:

  • New Menus and UI
  • Custom Lineups
  • Advanced Passing
  • Updated Base Player Roster and Event Players
  • Updated Audio Commentary
  • Live OVR
  • Mini-Events with Skill Games and Matches
  • VS Attack, and Head to Head, all within Division Rivals
  • Bonus Login Rewards