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How to Dodge Roll in Splatoon 3 Guide

Sometimes when you’re inking turf, you’ll want to get away from enemy fire. Here’s how to dodge roll in Splatoon 3.

The third game in the Splatoon series is finally here, allowing all Inklings or Octolings to play the exciting paint-filled shooter.

Whether you prefer being the most stylish player in each match or focusing on defeating opponents, you’ll need to survive longer if you hope to win.

That’s why you’ll need to learn how to dodge roll, so you can get out of the way of enemy paint quickly and start shooting back.

How to Do a Dodge Roll in Splatoon 3

Players can perform a dodge roll by pressing “B” while shooting but only with Dualies.

Holding the analog stick down in a certain direction when pressing the button will make you dodge roll that way, helping you avoid enemy paint.

How to Dodge Roll in Splatoon 3

Keep in mind that you must be shooting your weapon when doing this, otherwise, you’ll simply jump instead.

Dodge rolling will only get you so far though. You should use our best settings in Splatoon 3 to help you win more matches!

It’s worth noting that performing a dodge roll will use a small amount of ink, so it may be best to enter squid form and swim away when low on ink.

While you can use any pair of Dualies to be able to use this move, different types of Dualies will have various dodge roll effects.

For example, one set of Dualies may offer longer, but slower dodge rolls, and using a different pair of Dualies may allow you to roll more times in a row.

Now, you should be able to survive just a little bit longer in your next match!

Make sure to take into account the Special Weapon and Sub Weapon of each pair of Dualies before sticking to just one pair!

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