Dodge rolling in Hogwarts Legacy allows you to evade incoming spells and is the only way to avoid the deadly red unblockable attacks.

To dodge roll, you must press the following buttons depending on which platform you’re on:

  • PlayStation – Circle
  • Xbox – B
  • PC – CTRL

You can also control the direction of your dodge roll by moving the analog stick on consoles or WASD on PC. This allows you unparalleled freedom when it comes to repositioning yourself in combat.

Dodge rolling is also a much quicker and more effective of moving around during fights. When used in conjunction with the many powerful potions you can craft, combat becomes incredibly easy.

The control scheme layout for Hogwarts Legacy on PS5 with the dodge roll controls highlighted

Best Talents to Improve Dodge Rolling in Hogwarts Legacy

You should unlock two talents to improve your dodge roll in Hogwarts Legacy. You will find them under the Core Talent section.

  • Swift – Holding down Dodge allows you to vanish quickly and reappear nearby.
    • Required Level 5
  • Evasion Absorption – Successfully evading an unblockable attack with Dodge contributes to the Ancient Magic Meter.
    • Required Level 16

Of course, Hogwarts Legacy’s max level limits the number of talent points you can use. So, make sure to unlock these talents as soon as possible.

There are also plenty of other talents you can unlock that will significantly increase your combat efficiency. Combined with the Swift and Evasion Absorption talents, you can become an unstoppable machine capable of constantly using Ancient Magic attacks.

Talents in Hogwarts Legacy that improve dodge roll
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