One of the best aspects of Starfield is getting your own ship and exploring the galaxy, but the game never really teaches you how to dock when visiting other ships.

Docking in Starfield only happens when you are trying to visit one of the Space Stations like The Eye or when you’re in space and want to meet up with another spaceship. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t exactly tell you how to do it.

Here, we’ll tell you how to dock your ship in Starfield to any friendly or hostile spaceships and the Space Stations around the galaxy.

How to Dock in Starfield

To dock your ship in Starfield to another ship in space or a Space Station, just follow these steps:

  1. Approach the ship or space station you want to dock from space.
    • To dock your ship, you need to be within 500 meters of the ship or Space Station.
  2. Press E (PC) or A (Xbox) to hail the ship/space station you want to dock at.
    • If you want to dock at an enemy ship, you’ll need to disable their engines first before docking your ship.
Hail Ship in Starfield
  1. When your ship is close enough, the option to press R (PC) or X (Xbox) to dock will appear.
Dock Ship on Starfield
  1. This will cause the dock animation to play.
  2. This will bring up the option to board the ship you just docked at, undock from it, or get up and wander your ship.
    • You can not fast-travel while you are docked on another ship.
Docked Starfield Options
  1. If you want to undock and return to space flight, hold Space or Y from your cockpit.

How to Dock an Enemy Ship in Starfield

To dock an enemy ship in Starfield, you’ll need to damage its engines first before you approach it and press R (PC)/X (Xbox) to dock your ship once you are within 500 meters.

Docked Starfield Options

This is only when you are trying to dock an enemy ship. If you want to dock a friendly ship, then you can hail them first using E (PC) or A (Xbox) in order to dock with them peacefully.