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How to Do The Griddy in FIFA 23

Here is how to do the Griddy celebration in FIFA 23 every single time you score!

Every FIFA game always comes with a wide variety of celebrations so that players can showboat a bit whenever they score a goal.

This year, EA has included one of the most popular dances in all sports, Tik Tok, and even Twitter, the griddy.

The Griddy Celebration

How to Do Griddy Celebration in FIFA 23

To do the Griddy celebration in any FIFA 23 mode after scoring a goal, you need to hold R2/RT and then flick the Right Stick up twice quickly.

Basically, you flick the Right Stick Up twice rapidly while holding down the sprint button.

You can see the button prompts for PS4/PS5 highlighted in the image below. For Xbox controllers, the buttons should be located in the same area.

FIFA 23 The Griddy Celebration Right Stick

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But if you really want to use the Griddy celebration scoring more goals will give you more opportunities, you should choose one of the best STs in FIFA 23.

You can also find the Griddy in the Celebrations tab of your settings under “Eyes And Arms.” To do this, you need to:

  • Head to Customize from the Main Menu.
  • Select “Settings.”
  • From Settings, you’ll need to highlight “Skill Moves.”
  • Flick your Right Stick to the right once. This will bring up “Celebrations.”
  • Choose Celebrations using X/A on your controller.
  • Press R2/RT to navigate to “Finishing Moves.” Once you do, the third circle should be highlighted.
  • Press R1/RB until you are in Selection 6.
  • Here you will see the Griddy celebration known as “Eyes And Arms” in FIFA 23.
Eyes and Arms The Griddy

What Is The Griddy?

The Griddy is a popular dance move and viral celebration that sees a person repeatedly tap their heels while swinging their arms back and forth, creating ‘OK’ symbols over their eyes.

Allen “Griddy” Davis is the original creator of the Griddy. Various sports athletes use it as a celebration after scoring, most notably NFL players like Justin Jefferson from the Minnesota Vikings.

The move gathered a huge amount of popularity on TikTok, and is now even a fan-favorite emote in Fortnite.

Earlier this year, EA announced the Griddy would be featured in FIFA 23 and Madden 23.

Don’t forget to fix your custom tactics in FIFA 23 to ensure your opponent doesn’t score on you! Seeing someone use the Griddy against you in a match can be a bit painful.

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