There’s a new invincibility glitch in MW2 that involves the Riot Shield, but how do you activate God Mode?

The Riot Shield has become a staple of the Call of Duty series. However, in addition to blocking almost every attack, the weapon seems to create a load of problems for the games.

These issues have extended to MW2 multiplayer as players are reporting glitched opponents carrying Riot Shields on their backs who are completely invincible. There is no way of killing or even damaging them!

However, now that the method to activate this God Mode glitch has finally been found, MW2 players probably won’t have long to do it before Infinity Ward fixes this glitch!

Riot Shield MW2

How to Activate Modern Warfare 2 God Mode Glitch Using the Riot Shield

To activate God Mode in MW2 multiplayer, you need to block the VTOL killstreak with a Riot Shield.

  • Have your Riot Shield ready.
  • Once the VTOL killstreak is in effect, get as far away as possible from it. Being too close to it will make it harder to block it.
  • Once you are far away enough, crouch and use your Riot Shield to block the incoming attack from the VTOL Jet.
  • Make sure you block until the Jet stops shooting at you. The God Mode glitch will be activated as soon as it ceases fire.

It is worth mentioning that this can happen even when you aren’t actively trying to block the VTOL while your shield is on your back, as you seem to become invincible once the VTOL shoots your shield.

Additionally, according to many gamers, this glitch seems to activate as soon as the VTOL shoots your shield rather than once it’s done firing. Nonetheless, keeping cover until the fire ceases is a good idea!

There have been many rumors about how to become invincible, but this method seems to be the most reliable way to do it, even if it doesn’t work every time.

If you want to do this, you will first need to know how to unlock the Riot Shield in MW2!

This method may also work with other aerial killstreaks like the Precision Airstrike and Mortar Strike. We will update this once it is confirmed.

Mostly, players have been using this God Mode glitch to quickly earn the new MW2 Gold, Platinum, and Mastery Camos. However, it is also the best way to get kills and level up weapons.

Just be aware that other players could report you for hacking, which could result in a ban! Therefore, it may not be worth it.

Do this glitch at your own risk. You could be reported for hacking and banned if you try it!
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Using the MW2 Riot Shield God Mode glitch isn’t the only way to unlock everything you want quickly. For a legit way of unlocking attachments and camos, check out the fastest way to level up guns in MW2!

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