Flair Passes in EA FC 24 are a great way to pull off difficult passes when your player is facing the wrong way. Utilizing this skill can bypass your opposition, leading to more goals.

Not only are these passes just as accurate as regular ones, but they come off with a lot more style, making your attacks look better than ever.

Furthermore, Flair Passes are also the better pass type in some scenarios, allowing you to maintain tempo in offense. Let’s dive in and discuss how to do this pass in EA FC 24.

How to Perform Flair Passes in EA FC 24

To perform a Flair Pass in EA FC 24, you must press the following button combinations at the same time:

  • PlayStation – L2 + X
  • Xbox – LT + A
  • PC – W + Right-click

Pressing L2/LT/W while pressing the pass button will trigger a Flair Pass, where your player will attempt to pass the ball with a clever trick or skill. Holding L2/LT/W before passing will not activate a Flair Pass.

Flair Pass button combination

These passes are just as accurate as regular ground passes, although they are better in different scenarios.

There are other types of “Flair” actions in EA FC 24. Holding L2/LT/W while using any of the Shoot, Cross, Pass, or Through Ball buttons will trigger a fancy version of that action. Although, Flair Through Balls are exclusive to controller players.

Players in EA FC 24 with the “Flair” PlayStyle and PlayStyle+ will perform all versions of these skillful actions with improved accuracy.

They will also use them when contextually appropriate without you needing to press the buttons to perform them.

You can find the full set of “Flair” options in the controller settings on the game. Open the settings menu and head to “Basic Controls,” where you will then navigate to the second tab, “Attacking – Advanced.”

Scroll down the controller options until you see the button combinations for each “Flair” type in EA FC 24.

Flair pass settings in EA FC 24

All EA FC 24 Players with the Flair PlayStyle+

Here is a complete list of every player who has the “Flair” PlayStyle+ in EA FC 24:

  • Johan Cruyff (ICON & Netherlands)
  • Eric Cantona (ICON & France)
  • Sócrates (ICON & Brazil)
  • Juan Román Riquelme (ICON & Argentina)
  • Paulo Dybala (Roma FC & Argentina)
  • Pernille Harder (Bayern Munich & Denmark)
  • Marta (Orlando Pride & Brazil)
  • Ella Toone (Manchester United & England)
Flair PlayStyle+++
Flair PlayStyle+ Icon in EA FC 24

When to Use Flair Passes in EA FC 24

Players will get the benefit from using Flair Passes in situations where the player they are controlling is not facing their intended target.

As shown in the image below, the player with the ball, depicted by the blue circle, is facing away from the intended target, displayed by the red circle.

In this scenario, turning your player could likely see you being tackled or the chosen target being blocked by your opponent. Instead, the ball carrier uses a Flair Pass to get the ball to its target quickly.

Using the Flair option can be a quick way to get a pass off without the added movement of rotating the player carrying the ball.

Example of a Flair Pass in EA FC 24
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