Doing a Finishing Move in Warzone is the ultimate way of showing up your opponent on the battlefield and proving that you’re the better COD player.

Finishing Moves are unique attacks that players perform that will highlight your player and show you performing a special animation to take down an enemy.

However, to perform a Finishing Move, you need to place yourself in a position where you can dominate your opponent and execute the required button input. In this guide, we’ll show you exactly how to do that and give tips to help you perform Finishing Moves in all your Warzone matches.

How to Do a Finishing Move

To do a Finishing Move in Warzone, you need to get in right behind an enemy player and hold the melee button to start the finisher animation.

You need to make sure other enemy players aren’t around because they can kill you perform you finish the animation.

The melee button differs depending on your control scheme, but by default, it is:

  • PlayStation & Xbox – Press in and hold R3 (Right Analog Stick)
  • PC – Press in and hold the V key.

If the Finishing Move does not trigger correctly, it is most likely due to your position. You need to get right behind the enemy player. If you are too far or to the side, the finisher will not trigger.

The distance shown below is about the farthest you should be from your enemy to successfully trigger the Finishing Move.

Warzone Finishing Move Distance
Source: YourSixGaming

Failing to perform a Finishing Move can actually leave you in a bad position because the enemy player may hear you and turn around and start shooting. Enemy players can also shoot you while you are performing a Finishing Move in Warzone.

This will stop your finisher and down you. It is the worst position to end up in since you fail to eliminate the enemy, and you get eliminated yourself.

How to Equip a Finishing Move

To equip a Finishing Move in Warzone, you need to edit the Operator Finishing Move section of the Operators tab in the Main Menu.

  1. Head to the Warzone Main Menu.
  2. Navigate to the Operators tab, where you choose the Operator Skin you are currently using.
  3. Select the Operator you are currently using.
  4. From the options, choose the Operator Finishing Move block.
Operator Finishing Move Warzone
  1. Here you can choose which Finishing Move to equip for your Warzone Operator.
  2. Equip a Finishing Move and jump into a Warzone match.

This is how you equip a Finishing Move. However, you’ll still need to practice performing them in-game to see them in action.