Players have found a way to destroy the Zaya Observatory in the regular Warzone Battle Royale mode without needing to play Shadow Siege.

In Warzone Shadow Siege, players need to launch missiles and destroy Observatory in order to retrieve gas canisters. Many thought this map-changing event was only for the Shadow Siege playlist. However, players have found that it is also possible to destroy Observatory in regular Warzone modes.

However, the process is quite different when it comes to regular Battle Royale. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete this neat easter egg to destroy Observatory in Warzone BR.

How to Destroy Zaya Observatory in Warzone BR

To destroy the Observatory in Warzone Battle Royale, you need to find and activate five missile sites to initiate an attack on Zaya Observatory. This will decimate the top of the mountain and leave the Observatory as a fiery wasteland.

  1. Look for purple flairs around the map. These are the missile sites.
    • The missile site locations are the same as the Shadow Siege event.
Missile Site Locations in Warzone to Destroy Observatory
  1. You need to activate five of these missile sites.
    • You do not need to activate them all yourself. If other players happen to activate them, then it will still count toward the total.
Activate Missile Console Warzone
Credit: GeekyPastimes
  1. Each time you activate a missile site, it will launch a missile to a random location on the map. This will appear with a missile icon and green area on your tac map.
Missile Location Warzone
Credit: GeekyPastimes
  1. After you have activated all five, you will see a notification saying, “Observatory Attack Initiated.”
  2. After this happens, all the missiles will launch toward Observatory and destroy it, just like in Shadow Siege.
  3. This will completely destroy the Observatory, and it will eliminate anyone that is currently on the mountaintop.
  4. After this happens, the bunkers that appear in Shadow Siege will open up in Warzone Battle Royale.
    • Players can explore these to obtain plenty of loot for their squad.

You can see a video of GeekyPastimes, the finder of this easter egg, destroying the Observatory in Warzone BR below.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to unlock any sort of achievement, but it is possible that there are hidden secrets left to be uncovered inside the bunkers themselves.

However, it is a lengthy process, and you’ll want to have an entire team doing it alongside you so that you can have enough time to explore the bunkers.