Fortnite just introduced Piper Pace’s Snapshot quests, but to complete them, you’ll need to know how to deploy a pizza party while in Fortnite.

Thankfully, this quest itself is pretty straightforward, and players can actually get it done without too many issues in just one match.

In this guide, we will show you how to purchase a Pizza Party in Fortnite and where to find all six Thorne Strongholds in order to deploy it.

How to Deploy a Pizza Party in Fortnite

To deploy a Pizza Party in Fortnite, you need to purchase a Pizza Party from Piper Pace in Slappy Shores and deploy it in one of the six Thorne Strongholds located in the Sanguine Suites, Rumble Ruins, Eclipsed Estate, Slappy Shores, Mega City, and Relentless Retreat.

  1. Head to Piper Pace in Slappy Shores.
Fortnite Piper Pace Location
  1. Purchase a Pizza Party for 100 Gold.
Pizza Party Fortnite
  1. Head to the nearest Thorne Stronghold, located in the following locations:
    • Sanguine Suites
    • Rumble Ruins
    • Eclipsed Estate
    • Slappy Shores
    • Mega City
    • Relentless Retreat
Fortnite Thorne Stronghold Locations
  1. Equip and throw the Pizza Party down at the Thorne Stronghold.
  2. As soon as the Pizza Party activates, you will complete the Piper Pace Snapshot quest and obtain the XP from it.

You can also find a Pizza Party while randomly looting. If that happens, we recommend using the map above in order to find the Thorne Stronghold that is closest to your location.

These strongholds are usually pretty dense with enemy players when the match first starts, so we recommend ensuring that you are ready for a few fights before you try to complete the quest.

What is a Pizza Party in Fortnite?

Pizza Party is an Epic consumable introduced to Fortnite in Chapter 3: Season 1. When a player uses a Pizza Party, it will open up a pizza box and reveal eight slices of pizza.

Each slice will heal +25 shield and +25 health. Pizza slices are a great way to heal your party without using the more important healing items.