One of the first boss fights in God of War Ragnarok is against the iconic Thor, and it is very challenging. Fortunately, if you’re struggling, we’re here to help.

How to Win Thor Boss Fight in God of War Ragnarok in Surviving Fimbulwinter

To defeat Thor during the Surviving Fimbulwinter mission, you’ll need to stay on your toes and dodge his unblockable attacks. He has a lot of different moves, so learning them quickly is the trick to surviving.

Using your axe throw is a good tactic, especially during later stages, and building up your Spartan Rage meter will also help you deal a lot of damage.

Like most boss fights in God of War Ragnarok, it’s a case of combining perfect parrys with good situational awareness, dodging, and getting in hits when you can afford to.

Thor and Kratos fighting with their weapons hitting each other in the middle

Of course, there are specific stages to this boss fight, with each one requiring its own approach. So keep reading for a detailed breakdown of every stage.

How to Beat Stage 1 of the Thor Boss Fight

After a quick cutscene featuring Thor, Odin, Kratos, and Atreus, Thor will knock you into the distance and then into the first arena. It is here the boss fight begins.

You don’t have any weapons outside of your fists and shield. However, these still do a lot of damage, and you’ll only need to fight him for a bit in this form.

Here are the best strategies for defeating Thor in Stage 1:

  • Thor has multiple attacks that you will need to look out for and avoid
    • He will charge at you (a red circle will appear above him) and grab you. This is unblockable, and if he gets you, it will deal a lot of damage and send you flying
    • He also takes a swing with his hammer (a yellow circle will appear) which will knock you back. This is blockable; however, he will break your block and hit you with a slightly less powerful attack
    • Thor also pummels the ground sending out a shockwave. The easiest way to avoid this is to step back a bit or double tap X while holding the left joystick back to move out of the way quickly
    • Try not to get too close to him, as he will clap, which sends a shockwave that will knock you back and deal a lot of damage. You can block this with your shield or just dodge out of the way
  • Block his attacks when you can, preferably parrying them by timing your L1 just before he attacks.
  • You will need to time your attacks perfectly. There are a few seconds between him using his unblockable attacks when he is vulnerable. Try to target him then
  • Utilize your rage mode when it can be activated to deal a lot of damage and heal up
  • Thor will drop healthstones at random points, so make the most of these when you can
Thor approaching Kratos in God of War Ragnarok with his health bar at the top

When you get him down to half health, you will enter a quick time event. Press the corresponding button, and then the fight will resume. This time you’ll have your axe, so things should be a bit easier. 

You’re mainly repeating the same process, only this time, you have a weapon. Block when you can, parry if possible, and avoid his red and yellow attacks. 

Once you’ve gotten his health down completely, Thor will knock you out of the arena again.

How to Beat Stage 2 of the Thor Boss Fight

After being hit by Thor’s hammer again, you’ll land on Tyr’s bridge, where you’ll fight him a second time. He’ll have full health again. 

You’ll just have your axe and shield again, but there are a few items in the environment you can use to your advantage.

There are two pillars that can be used to knock him back and deal massive damage. Press O when next to them to grab them, and Kratos will automatically hit Thor with them.

Here are the best strategies for defeating Thor in Stage 2:

  • Thor’s attacks have changed slightly, and he has a few new moves. You’ll need to learn how to dodge them quickly
    • He can throw his hammer across the field at you. If it hits you, it’ll deal a lot of damage, but fortunately, you can simply dodge (double tap X) out of the way like you would any projectile
    • Like the last stage, he will hit the ground to send shockwaves at you. He does this to a greater degree in this stage, so be sure to avoid them at all costs
  • There’s a bit more distance between you and Thor in this stage, so throwing your axe at him is always a good tactic
  • Make sure to parry (L1) any attack that doesn’t come with a red or yellow circle to stagger him and make him vulnerable to attack
  • Thor will drop healthstones at random points, so make the most of these when you can
Thor and Kratos stood on the bridge with Thor's health bar above him

Eventually, once you’ve gotten him to half health, you’ll enter a new quick-time event. For this one, you’ll have to press O a lot, but the game will act as if you’ve failed it. Don’t worry, you didn’t just die to Thor.

Instead, Thor will tell you he decides when it’s over, and the fight will resume. You’ll need to repeat the same process until you’ve depleted his health entirely. Then the third and final stage will begin.

How to Beat Stage 3 of the Thor Boss Fight

This final stage takes place around a tree-shaped lightning bolt in an enclosed circular arena. It’s probably the easiest of the stages, as you’ll know most of his attacks and how to dodge them by now.

However, Thor has a few tricks up his sleeve, so it won’t be a complete cakewalk. You’ll still need to stay on your toes, dodge as many attacks as possible, and attack when he pauses between attacks.

Here are the best strategies for defeating Thor in Stage 3:

  • Thor has a new attack that rains projectiles down from the sky. You’ll see which areas they’re targeting by the red marks on the ground. Stay out of them at all costs, as they’ll deal a lot of damage to you
  • He also has a nasty three-pronged attack which starts with a red, unblockable attack, then a yellow one, followed by a final red attack. Make sure to dodge out of the way of this and avoid it at all costs
  • Like in the previous Stage, Thor will throw his hammer, charge at you and clap whenever you get too close. So make sure to parry when you can, throw your axe when he gets too far, and attack him when he recovers from his projectile-based attack
  • Thor will drop healthstones at random points, so make the most of these when you can
Thor and Kratos fighting near a tree-shaped lightning bolt in God of War Ragnarok

Once you get him down to no health, the fight will finally end, and Thor will tell you your Blood Debt has been paid. He’ll disappear, and Sindri and Brok will show up.

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