God of War Ragnarok has a number of varied and challenging bosses to fight, one of which is the lightning-fast Dreki.

While it may seem easy at first, once its health is reduced enough, the real fight begins. This is a challenging boss fight, so don’t worry if you’ve died to it a lot.

We’re here to help with the best strategies and equipment to use against the Dreki boss. So, keep reading if you want to finally defeat this overgrown lizard.

How to Beat the Dreki Boss in God of War Ragnarok

The easiest and quickest way of defeating the Dreki boss in God of War Ragnarok is to use the Leviathan Axe up close and personal, while blocking with the Stone Wall shield.

It’s extremely fast, and it utilizes a lot of block-breaking attacks (a yellow circle will appear around it whenever it uses one). So, using the Stone Wall shield that absorbs these attacks is paramount.

Outside of that, it is simply a case of bridging the gap between you and the Dreki while ensuring to dodge out of the way whenever it swings its tail.

Kratos standing before the Dreki in God of War Ragnarok

However, of course, there are some specific steps and tricks you can use to turn the tide of battle in your favor. So, continue reading for a detailed guide on how to beat the Dreki boss.

Best Strategy to Beat the Dreki in God of War Ragnarok

The Dreki has two stages, the first of which sees it use more physical attacks. You’ll have to watch out for its erratic movements and giant mouth during this stage.

The second happens when it reaches half health. At this point, it’ll start sending shockwaves across the battlefield, and explode the ground around it.

Fortunately, almost all of its most deadly attacks are telegraphed by a yellow circle appearing around it. If you’re careful, you should have plenty of time to dodge (double tap X) out of the way.

Tips For Defeating the Dreki Boss

Here are some additional tips and tricks to help you defeat it:

  • Using the Stone Wall shield will allow you to defend against most attacks if you’re caught off guard. It uses very few unblockable attacks, so this is easily the best shield for the job. Don’t forget to unleash its charge once you’ve blocked enough attacks.
  • Atreus can be very helpful during this fight. By hitting the Dreki with Atreus’ arrows (press Square), you’ll distract it while applying Stun. Combine his arrow attacks with your Spartan Rage, and its Stun Bar should hit max in no time.
  • Its lightning attacks will cover a lot of ground, so you need to be careful not only to dodge them but not to get caught in the aftermath. They’re mostly avoidable, but being hit by one will stun you and damage you a lot.
  • While the Blades of Chaos are good in this fight, the Leviathan Axe is definitely the better weapon to use. By this point, it’s likely to be the only weapon you have with a Runic attack, so prioritizing that is key.
  • There aren’t many healthstones available during this fight, so make sure to bring a Ressurection Stone with you just in case.
The Dreki shooting lightning at Kratos

And if you’ve neglected your experience points, now is the time to invest them in some skills. Make sure you have the best Skills to unlock early in God of War Ragnarok equipped before heading into battle.

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