In the “The Final Repository” mission, you will face Ranrok, the main villain of Hogwarts Legacy. Once Ranrok is defeated, you will be declared the Hero of Hogwarts.

To defeat him, you’ll need to dodge his attacks, destroy the floating magical orbs and attack him with spells. These orbs will need to be destroyed with spells according to their color.

Tips for Defeating Ranrok

  • Without destroying the orbs, Ranrok, who takes the form of a dragon, is invulnerable to damage.
  • The magical floating orbs will spawn in three different colors, corresponding to three spell types. We recommend having a build that encompasses at least one of each type.
    • Red – Damage
    • Yellow – Control
    • Purple – Force
  • Stock up on Edurus, Wiggenweld, and Focus potions.
    • This will increase your defense, allow you to heal, and reduce your spell cooldown.
  • Always keep an eye on Ranrok so you know if he is about to attack you.
  • Use the dodge roll to avoid attacks.
  • Destroy the orbs as soon as possible so you can start damaging the dragon.
  • Use the Ancient Magic attack to deal high damage to Ranrok.
  • Unlock the Level 5 “Swift” talent under Core to allow you to dodge quicker and further away.

Unfortunately, the unforgivable curses in Hogwarts Legacy don’t have much effect as you try to defeat Ranrok but they are still a great spell type to learn for other side quests!

Ranrok in Hogwarts Legacy
Ranrok in Hogwarts Legacy

Also, the Ranrok final boss is Level 30, so we suggest attempting this fight when you are around this level. If you need to level up, you can follow these tips to level up quickly!

Stage 1: Destroy One Orb

  • In the first stage of the boss fight, you will need to destroy one orb to start damaging Ranrok.
    • Hit the orb with the correct spell type and then start damaging the dragon.
    • The dragon will not remain vulnerable forever, so you will need to keep repeating this until the first section of his health has depleted.
  • There are three attack types you will need to dodge in this stage:
    • Dragon Fire: Ranrok will spray a burst of red fire, which you can avoid by running away from the location.
    • Shooting Red Orbs: Ranrok will shoot a red glowing orb which you can counter by using Protego or moving from your location.
    • Firing Glowing Red Debris: The final boss will also shoot glowing red debris at you. You can either dodge the projectile or fire it back at him using R1/RB.
  • After defeating him, he will destroy a wall and move to the second location.
Orb to destroy to Defeat Ranrok Hogwarts Legacy
Credit: FP Good Game

Stage 2: Destroy Two Orbs

  • The second stage will work similarly to the first, however, this time you will need to destroy two orbs before you can begin damaging Ranrok.
    • Repeat this step until the second bar of his health has been drained.
  • You will need to be aware of the previous attacks Ranrok has but the boss will also have a new attack type at this stage:
    • Red Shockwave: The dragon will send a shockwave using its wings which you can dodge by running away from the dragon.
  • After you have completed this, you will slide down into an open cavern for Stages 3 & 4.
Ranrok Shockwave attack Hogwarts Legacy
Credit: FP Good Game

Stage 3: Destroy Three Orbs

  • Once again, this stage is similar to the first two but this time three orbs will need to be destroyed so you can damage the final boss with your spells.
    • Repeat this process until half of his final health bar has been depleted
  • Ranrok will use all four of his attack types in this stage.
  • After completing this stage, the Ranrok Dragon will descend and battle on the ground.
Stage 3 of Ranrok fight
Credit: FP Good Game

Stage 4: Destroy Four Orbs

  • In this stage, you will need to hit the four orbs once, however, unlike the previous segments of this fight, you will only need to do this once.
    • Once you destroy each orb you can then attack the boss until his health bar is completely empty.
  • While on the ground Ranrok will have three different attacks:
    • Swipe: The dragon will swipe his wings if you are close to him, knocking you back.
    • Charge: Ranrok will run at you at speed making you take damage if he makes contact.
    • Fireballs: The boss will shoot red fireballs at you which you can dodge.
Stage four Ranrok fight
Credit: FP Good Game

Stage 5: Rapidly Destroy Three Orbs

  • The final stage will require you to rapidly hit three different orbs around Ranrok. You will need to be quick as they will disappear and move to a new location if you don’t hit them in time.
  • Once you hit them all, Ranrok will be defeated and you will be declared the Hero of Hogwarts.
Ranrok being defeated in Hogwarts Legacy
Credit: FP Good Game

After you defeat Ranrok in Hogwarts Legacy, you will have completed one of the final quests. If you are looking to 100% the game, you will need to finish all side quests, including:

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