If you’ve ever encountered the hulking boney Stalnox in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and been wiped out, don’t worry; you’re not alone.

In fact, this challenging mini-boss can be brutally difficult to beat if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Fortunately, we’re here to guide you through the ins and outs of battling a Stalnox, how to beat it, and where to find its weaknesses.

How to Kill a Stalnox

To beat the Stalnox in Tears of the Kingdom, players must knock its eye out and destroy it. You cannot kill the Stalnox without removing its eye first.

Shooting the Stalnox’s eye with a Bomb Flower arrow will immediately force it out, allowing you to target and hit it.

However, don’t worry if you don’t have Bomb Flowers. Once the Stalnox’s health is reduced below 50%, the eye will automatically pop out whenever hit by an arrow or throwable object.

Of course, surviving against a Stalnox is no easy feat, so it’s worth investing in upgrading your armor to become an unstoppable tank. However, to do so, you’ll first have to learn how to unlock the Great Fairy Fountains.

A Stalnox chasing Link in TOTK

Tips & Tricks to Defeat the Stalnox in TOTK

There are several tips and tricks you should know about before fighting the fearsome Stalnox. Without these, you’ll likely fall prey to its one-hit attacks and have to start over again:

  • The Stalnox’s weak point is its eye, and hitting it will stagger it. When it’s staggered, attack its legs or other available areas as much as possible before it returns to its attacking state.
    • You’ll know it’s staggered once it begins covering up its eye. It will start attacking you again when it moves its hands away from its eye.
Link stunning a Stalnox in TOTK
  • Shooting at the Stalnox’s eye with a bomb arrow will deal a lot of damage, practically bringing it to below 50% almost immediately.
    • Once the Stalnox’s eye is out, take a quick attacking weapon (like a shortsword) Fused with something powerful and deal as much damage to it as possible.
Attacking the Stalnox's eye in TOTK
  • Once the Stalnox’s eye falls out, it will try and pick it up again. Make sure to hit the eye away from the Stalnox, to decrease the chances of it grabbing it.
    • If the Stalnox does pick its eye back up, its base health will heal substantially.
Link fighting a Stalnox's Eye
  • Use the Recall ability when it throws its bones at you. It will fling them back at the Stalnox and deal damage to it.
Using Recall to send back the Stalnox's rib
  • The Stalnox will jump and land on its behind, sending out a shockwave that deals AOE damage. Make sure to move backward when you see it jumping up to avoid being hit.
Looting weapons while fighting the Stalnox

You will need specific tips to defeat the Stalnox located in the Royal Hidden Passage. Fortunately for you, we’ve covered how to beat it and the secret set of armor located within the Passage in our guide.

Rewards for Defeating a Stalnox TOTK

There are several guaranteed rewards for defeating a Stalnox in Tears of the Kingdom. They are:

  • Hinox Tooth – 8 Fuse Attack Power
  • Stalnox Horn – 29 Fuse Attack Power
  • Weapons
    • For example:
      • Knight’s Claymore
      • Knight’s Broadsword
      • Knight’s Halberd
The rewards dropped by a Stalnox in TOTK
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