One of the worst Elites to deal with in Diablo 4 are those that have the Suppressor Affix because they essentially force you to enter close-quarter combat.

An Elite Affix is a special ability that certain Elite and Boss enemies have, which makes them more difficult to deal with. This affix is usually a passive ability that will set off constantly as the player tries to deal with it.

The Suppressor Affix is especially difficult to deal with for Diablo 4 classes like the Necromancer, Rogue, and Sorcerer since it affects ranged attacks. However, in this guide, we’ll show you all the best tips to deal with these enemies, even if you are in World Tier 4.

What is the Suppressor Affix in Diablo 4

Any Elite enemy with the Suppressor Affix will have immunity toward ranged attacks that are outside its area of effect. This is because this affix acts as a protective barrier.

You will know that an Elite has the Suppressor Affix because it will say “Suppressor” under their health bar alongside a small barrier icon.

Diablo 4 Suppressor Icon for Affix in Elite
Source: Bubba_87

This could really affect some builds that deal most of their damage using ranged attacks, and function as glass cannons. It leaves players more vulnerable and depending on which attack lands first, it could decide the fate of the battle.

It also functions in a way that it will prevent damage from any skill that is cast while outside the protective barrier. If you use the Barbarian and cast Whirlwind while outside its barrier, it will have no effect on the Elite even if you enter the protective area.

To successfully damage an enemy using the Suppressor Affix, you need to cast your skill while inside the protective barrier. Many players have actually had issues with this affix and feel that it requires a slight nerf from its current state.

However, this mostly affects players that are in the higher World Tiers since enemies in harder difficulties could potentially one-shot players that fail to cast their skills.

How to Defeat Elites With Suppressor Affix

To defeat an Elite using the Suppressor Affix, you need to cast your attack while inside of their protective barrier and deal damage without leaving that area. The easiest way to do this is by casting a defensive/mobility skill on yourself and activating a powerful skill while inside the barrier.

They are immune to any skill that you cast while outside of the barrier. This means that even if you use a AoE attacks that lingers like the Sorcerer’s Hydra skill or even the Barbarian’s Whirlwind, it will have no effect unless you cast it while inside the barrier.

The barrier appears like a small purple dome that will follow the Elite, so it is very easy to see the area that it affects.