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How to Customize Weapons in Saints Row

Looking to give your weaponry a little extra flair? Here’s how to customize your weapons in the Saints Row reboot!

One of the best parts of Saints Row 2022 is that it gives you the ability to customize everything, from your hideout, to your crew, to even Santo Ileso itself!

If you’re interested in giving your guns a makeover, you’ll be happy to hear that the new game allows you to customize your weapons. This can be done fairly early on in the game, but you’ll need to complete a few of Saints Row’s opening missions before getting access to the feature.

Since enemies don’t tend to drop their guns in this game, you’ll need to invest in the weapons you want to customize. Head to the gun icons on your minimap and grab something you’re willing to spend time and effort decking out.

Don’t forget that you can also customize your hoverboard in Saints Row, but you’ll have to unlock it first!

How to Customize Guns in Saints Row

  • To unlock gun customization, players will need to complete the mission Take Me to Church. This will be one of the first missions that you’ll encounter in the game and you’ll be able to accept it from the mission app of your phone.
  • After this mission is complete, the Saints will move their headquarters from your shared apartment to the church.
Take Me to Church Saints Row
  • Head into your new church HQ through the front door and continue on into the lobby.
  • Then, interact with the weapon cabinet on the left side of the room.
Saints Row Gun Customization
  • You can choose any weapon that you’ve currently unlocked either through missions, Criminal Ventures, or bought in a gun shop.
  • Then you’re free to select from a series of options including weapon material, patterns, colors, and even visual mods to transform one gun into another object entirely!
Saints Row How to Customize Your Guns

For even further customization, you’ll need to unlock the Cutting Edge business by completing Criminal Ventures, allowing you to make even more advanced tweaks to your weaponry.

And once you’ve discovered where to find it, you can even customize your VTOL jet plane in Saints Row too.

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