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How to Customize Contraband Weapons in DMZ – Workbench Locations

No more LMGs with sniper scopes thanks to the Workbench in DMZ.

In Warzone 2 DMZ, players can pick up weapons from enemy players and AI to use as their own and to bring to future runs.

Unfortunately, these weapons had preset attachments that may not fit every player’s needs. But that all changed with the new Workbench mechanic in DMZ Season 3.

Where to Customize Contraband Weapons in DMZ

Players need to visit a Workbench in DMZ to customize the attachments of their Contraband Weapons in exchange for cash.

To change one attachment on your weapon you’ll need to spend $3,000. This means that to change all five attachment slots you’ll need a total of $15,000.

It is only possible to use the attachments players have already unlocked for each weapon. Any attachments they haven’t unlocked will appear unavailable and locked in the menu.

Players are able to do more than add attachments to their weapons. They can use the Workbench in DMZ to replace or remove any existing attachments.

This is great when the weapon you pick up has a scope that doesn’t really fit your needs, but everything else works great.

DMZ Workbench Contraband Weapon
Workbench customization screen.

To make the most of this new mechanic, you’ll need to get familiar with the current meta and which weapons are overpowering the rest.

Where to Find Workbench in DMZ

Players can find a Workbench in-game next to every Buy Station in DMZ. It looks like a black tool cabinet on wheels.

There is always at least one Buy Station and Workbench in each POI location with the exception of Al Samman Cemetery.

Workbench Buy Station Warzone 2 DMZ
Workbench is on the left of the Buy Station.
  1. When you obtain a Contraband Weapon that you want to customize, open up your in-game map.
  2. Search for a Buy Station icon.
    • This is the shopping cart icon on your map.
Buy Station Work Bench Location DMZ
Look for the Buy Station icon shown above to find a Workbench next to it.
  1. Add a ping to the location and make your way there.
  2. Once you reach the Buy Station, you will see Workbench to the side of it.

How to Add & Remove Attachments

To add or remove attachments in DMZ, make your way to a Workbench and choose “Buy” to add an attachment or “Destroy” to remove an attachment.

  1. Highlight the attachment slot that you wish to customize.
  2. If you want to add an attachment, you’ll see “Buy” and a list of the available attachments below it.
    • Each attachment you add will cost $3,000.
    • To change all five slots, you need $15,000.
  3. Choose the attachment you want and confirm your purchase.
    • If you don’t have enough money, try to sell some items in the Buy Station next to the Workbench.
  4. If you want to remove an attachment, highlight it and choose “Destroy.”
    • You will not get a confirmation prompt. Once you press the “Destroy” button, then the attachment will disappear.
    • Once destroyed, there is no way to retrieve the attachment. You still need to pay $3,000 to add another one in.
Workbench Customization DMZ

This will leave you with a new weapon that is customized in a way that fits your preferred playstyle. This is also helpful for any player looking to find the right attachments to create a one shot sniper.

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