While adventuring across the galaxy in Starfield, you may pick up some afflictions or negative status effects – fortunately, it is easy to cure and remove them!

There are well over a dozen different afflictions in Starfield that you may pick up when getting into dangerous situations. These afflictions can give you some pretty significant negative status effects, including reduced carry capacity and coughing that uses up your O2 supply!

However, whether you’ve picked up lung damage from inhaling dangerous gases or broken your limbs after falling a great distance, there’s a cure for it all!

How to Cure All Afflictions & Negative Status Effects in Starfield

There are two ways to cure your afflictions and and remove your negative status effects in Starfield:

  1. Visit a doctor and pay them 500 credits to remove all of your afflictions
  2. Use an Aid item that cures specific types of afflictions

Either of these methods will remove your afflictions and negative status effects immediately, meaning you won’t have to wait for them to heal.

Below, you can find out exactly how you can get a doctor to remove your afflictions, as well as what Aid items remove afflictions and the negative status effects that come with them.

How to Get A Doctor to Remove Your Negative Status Effects in Starfield

  • Visit a doctor
    • There is a doctor in every major city, but the easiest one to get to is the Reliant Medical next to the Lodge in New Atlantis
Reliant Medical New Atlantis Starfield
  • Speak to the doctor and choose the dialog option “I need help, doc”
  • Choose the option “Cure my afflictions” and pay 500 credits
  • This will remove all of the afflictions you have and the negative status effects they give you
Starfield Doctor Cure My Afflictions

Aid Items To Remove Afflictions & Negative Status Effects

Each affliction in Starfield is assigned a different color – yellow, orange, red, blue, and purple – depending on what Aid items can be used to cure it.

Here are all of the items that can cure each affliction in Starfield:

Status Effect ColorStatus EffectCures
Yellow Status Effect Starfield
• Brain Injury
• Concussion
• Hernia
• Hypothermia
• Lung Damage
• Poisoning
• Radiation Poisoning
• Injector
• Snake Oil
• Antibiotic Injector
Orange Status Effect Starfield
• Burn
• Frostbite
• Heal Paste
• Heal Gel
• Infused Bandages
Red Status Effect in Starfield
• Contusion
• Laceration
• Puncture Wound
• Bandages
• Infused Bandages
• Zipper Bandages
• Repairing Immobilizer
Blue Status Effect Starfield
• Dislocated Limb
• Fractured Limb
• Fractured Skull
• Sprain
• Torn Muscle
• Repairing Immobilizer
Purple Status Effect Starfield
• Infection• Antibiotics
• Antibiotic Cocktail
• Antibiotic Injector
• Penicillin X

It’s always handy to have a few Aid items that can cure negative status effects in your inventory in Starfield. You never know when you’ll need a cure when adventuring across the galaxy!

Fortunately, these Aid items are readily available at both doctors and general stores, so they’re pretty easy to come by!

Do Afflictions Heal in Starfield?

Yes, afflictions heal over time in Starfield, but how long it takes to heal depends on the prognosis.

When you first get an affliction, the prognosis will be Poor, but over time it will improve to Stable, Good, and then Excellent. The better your prognosis, the higher the chance you will recover from the affliction and remove the negative status effect associated with it.

If you receive the same affliction again before it has completely healed, the prognosis will be reset back to Poor.

While you could wait for afflictions to heal, it’s much better to pay the credits to heal. That way, you don’t suffer from negative status effects for too long.

Starfield Fractured Limb Poor Prognosis
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