A Lengthy player might start slow, but their unique advantages make them a formidable asset for your team in EA FC 24 Pro Clubs.

Over long distances, these players build up speed, catching up with even the quickest players in the game. Additionally, they come with much more Strength, enabling them to bully smaller players off the ball.

These towering and robust players can wreak havoc in the opposition’s defense. Here is how to make your players Lengthy in EA FC 24 Pro Clubs.

How to Make Your Pro Player Lengthy in EA FC 24 Pro Clubs

If you want to create a Lengthy player in EA FC 24 Pro Clubs, you must meet the following criteria

  1. Height: Your player should be at least 188 cm tall (approximately 6’2”).
  2. Strength: Ensure your player has a Strength attribute of 80 or higher.
  3. Acceleration: Your player’s Acceleration attribute should be 55 or more.
  4. Strength vs. Agility: The Strength attribute should be at least 20 points higher than Agility.

Meeting these four requirements presented by EA in its Pitch Notes will result in a tall and physically capable player for your Pro Clubs team with the Lengthy Acceleration Type

Tips to Make a Lengthy Player in EA FC 24 Pro Clubs

Checking your players stats under the Attributes section is the best way to ensure your player is Lengthy. If you do not meet the criteria, after changing your height to 6’2” or above, here are some tips to create a Lengthy Pro:

  • Spend Skill Points to increase your Strength to be above 80 and check that you have 20 more stat points than Agility
    • If you have the maximum 99 Strength, your Agility needs to be 79 or lower
  • Avoid the left side of the Dribbling Skill Tree, which increases Agility
  • Focus on the left side of the Physical Skill Tree, which improves your Strength
  • Unlocking all possible Strength boosts will give you +11 on this stat
Strength Boosts in EA FC 24 Clubs to make player Lengthy

How to Tell if Your Pro Player Is Lengthy in EA FC 24 Pro Clubs

To determine whether your Pro player has the Lengthy Acceleration Type in EA FC 24 Pro Clubs, follow these steps during a match:

  1. Pause the game and access Team Management.
  2. Scroll to your player in the Starting XI.
  3. Under the “Player Info Comparison” tab, their Acceleration Type is listed below their preferred foot.

This is the only method to know if your player is Lengthy without manually checking if the player meets the Lengthy criteria described earlier.

Lengthy Acceleration Type in EA FC 24 Menus
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