Making your Snorlax stronger in Pokemon Sleep is a great way to increase the amount of Pokemon you catch while getting some shut-eye and knowing how to cook can speed up this process.

While Snorlax may be sleepy, the Pokemon still gets hungry, and it is up to you to feed it throughout the day.

Cooking Snorlax’s favorite meals is a surefire way to boost his power level and strength, but you need to know how to do so. Let’s dive in and discuss the cooking mechanic in Pokemon Sleep!

How Do You Cook in Pokemon Sleep?

To cook in Pokemon Sleep, tap on Snorlax’s belly during one of the three meal times. Players can feed their Snorlax once at each of these times daily:

  • Breakfast: 6 AM to 12 PM – Local Time
  • Lunch 12 PM – 6 PM – Local Time
  • Dinner: 6 PM – 6 AM – Local Time

Once mealtime arrives, you’ll find Snorlax lying there, stating the time of day. By gently tapping on its belly, you’ll be presented with two options: “Recipe” or “Auto-cook.”

To unlock the recipe feature, you must first capture 12 different sleep types; until then, you’ll have to rely on the auto-cook function.

The tastiness of the meal you prepare is crucial in determining the number of strength points it adds to your Snorlax.

As you raise each Snorlax, you’ll discover their preferred meal while researching alongside them. Preparing their favorite dish will reward you with extra points toward leveling them up, and each dish you whip up, you’ll need to gather 15 ingredients.

Pokemon Sleep Snorlax asking for breakfast

How to Get Ingredients to Cook in Pokemon Sleep

Ingredients are collected by your team of Pokemon helpers while you are awake.

To collect the ingredients that your team of helpers has gathered, all you have to do is tap on the Pokemon. Each Pokemon has a distinct collection of ingredients it may gather.

Access your Pokemon Box by clicking the Pokemon ball icon in the bottom left corner to learn which items your Pokemon collects.

Pokemon Box in Pokemon Sleep
Pokemon Box location in Pokemon Sleep

Additionally, players can purchase Ingredient Tickets from the Regular Exchange shop for Sleep Points. These items offer the players cooking ingredients to use in Pokemon Sleep.

  • Ingredient Ticket S – 200 Sleep Points
    • Ticket can be exchanged for 10 cooking ingredients.
  • Ingredient Ticket M – 600 Sleep Points
    • Ticket can be exchanged for 30 cooking ingredients.
Ingredient Tickets in Pokemon Sleep

How to Use Ingredients Tickets in Pokemon Sleep

To use the Ingredient Tickets in Pokemon Sleep, you must:

  • Tap on “Main Menu.”
  • Under “Features”, tap on “Bag.”
  • In “Bag” swipe left to access your “Items.”
  • If you have an Ingredient Ticket, tap on it and select “Use.”

Once you use, you will receive ingredients which you can use to cook with in Pokemon Sleep.

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