Key Points
Completion Time:
3 Minutes
Hawezar Renown, Gold, XP, Elixirs
Must Haves:
Hello Emote (Unlocked by Default)

As you journey through Diablo 4, you’ll find quests that offer advice on dealing with certain structures like the Traveler’s Superstition.

The Traveler’s Superstition is a quest that players will find while exploring the Hawezar region in Sanctuary. It talks about paying your respects or suffering an ill fate.

It may seem complicated, but with the right guidance, players can complete this quest in just a few minutes and obtain some valuable rewards.

Traveler’s Superstition Solution Guide

To solve the Traveler’s Superstition in Diablo 4, players will need to travel to the statue in the Rotspill Delta near the wrecked ship’s area of the Hawezar region and use the “Hello” emote.

After using the emote, a chest will appear directly in front of the statue at the tip of the shipwrecks.

  1. Find the Hastily Scrawled Note.
    • To find the Hastily Scrawled Note, players can head to the Backwater Waypoint in Hawezar and travel north along the coast.
    • After reaching the note, you’ll see that it asks you to pay your respects to someone or ignore the message and suffer a similar fate to those shipwrecked.
Traveler's Superstition Note
  1. Head to the shipwrecked statue.
    • Next to the note, players will see a shipwreck with an intact statue.
    • Stand directly in front of this statue.
Shipwrecked Statue Diablo 4
  1. Pay your respects to the statue with the Hello emote
    • Open up your emote wheel using E on a keyboard or Up on the D-Pad.
    • The Hello emote should already be equipped to your wheel by default.
    • Select the Hello emote.
    • Watch as your character pays his respects.
Hello Emote Diablo 4
  1. Open the Hidden Chest.
    • A Hidden Chest will appear after you successfully use the emote on the statue for the Traveler’s Superstition.
    • Players will also receive Gold, XP, and Hawezar Renown for completing this quest.
Traveler's Superstition Hidden Chest
Source: Manugames92

The Traveler’s Superstition Quest Rewards

Players will earn XP, Gold, Hawezar Renown, Elixirs, and loot from the Hidden Chest they receive as a reward for completing the Traveler’s Superstition in Diablo 4.

In this quest, players need to follow the warning of a traveler’s superstition by acknowledging a statue meant to give sailors a safe voyage.

Players do this by saying hello to the statue. This is one of many quests that players will come across in Diablo IV that follows a similar structure.