Key Points
Completion Time:
5 Minutes
Gold, XP, Fractured Peaks' Renown, Pilgrim's Supplies
Must Haves:
Thanks Emote (Unlocked by Default)

Throughout Diablo 4, players will find various notes that turn into side quests without too much direction on what to do, like The Traveler’s Prayer.

These notes will usually have a sentence or two describing something that happened, and it will trigger a quest that asks you to investigate the events in the note.

Usually, these quests will point you in a direction, but they won’t outline what you need to do. Thankfully, we have everything you need to know to complete The Traveler’s Prayer in Diablo 4 in this guide.

Traveler’s Prayer Quest Guide

To complete The Traveler’s Prayer in Diablo IV, players will need to find a shrine north of Yelesna in the Fractured Peaks and use the Thanks emote while standing in front of it.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you easily find the shrine and equip the Thanks gesture to your emote wheel.

  1. Find the Pilgrim’s Letter.
    • Travel to the Yelesna Waypoint to quickly find this letter.
    • To start the Traveler’s Prayer Side Quest, players must find the Pilgrim’s Letter sitting on a bench in The Hog’s Head tavern inside Yelesna.
Pilgrim's Letter Traveler's Prayer Diablo 4
  1. Head to the Roadside Shrine.
    • The Pilgrim’s Letter will mention offering thanks at a Roadside Shrine. To progress this quest, you’ll need to offer thanks at this shrine. Thankfully, the shrine is easily reached by taking the north exit out of town and following the road up north.
Roadside Shrine Location
Follow this path to head directly to the shrine.
  1. Find the Shrine.
    • The shrine is made of wood. It has a small lantern hanging from the top of it, and appears to have various prayers tacked onto it.
Shrine Diablo 4
  1. Equip the Thanks emote.
    • On Console:
      • Press up on the D-Pad.
      • Press L1/LT.
      • Select a slot to place the Thanks emote on.
      • Press Triangle/Y to customize that slot.
      • Scroll down to the Thanks emote and press X/A to assign it to the slot.
    • On PC:
      • Press E to open up the emote wheel.
      • Use your mouse to choose Customize and add the Thanks emote to a slot.
Thanks Emote Diablo 4
  1. Give Thanks to the Roadside Shrine.
    • Bring up your emote wheel using up on the D-Pad or E on a keyboard and choose the Thanks gesture in front of the shrine. This will trigger a Pilgrim’s Supplies chest to appear in front of you.
  2. Open the Pilgrim’s Supplies.
    • Open the Pilgrim’s Supplies chest to obtain your rewards and some Fractured Peaks Renown for successfully completing the Traveler’s Prayer side quest in Diablo 4.
Pilgrim's Supplies Diablo 4

The Traveler’s Prayers Quest Rewards

Players will earn XP, Gold, Fractured Peaks Renown, and loot from the Pilgrim’s Supplies when they complete The Traveler’s Prayers side quest in Diablo 4.

The loot from Pilgrim’s Supplies includes some Gold and Elixirs. These types of quests appear all over Diablo IV, so it’s important to read the note that triggers them carefully.

In this specific quest, it says to offer thanks, which is why using the Thanks emote triggers Pilgrim’s Supplies to appear.

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