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How to Complete Mushroom Obstacle Course – Fortnite x Dragon Ball

The latest set of Dragon Ball quests tasks you to complete a mushroom obstacle course in Fortnite, but how do you finish this quest?

With the Dragon Ball collaboration rolling on, more quests to earn those Dragon Balls are underway. Each day, quests related to training come in, and the latest training is for agility.

That means a lot of jumping, sliding, and as this quest suggests, completing obstacle courses. But you’ll need to find the start of the course to activate it!

Where to Find Mushroom Obstacle Course – Fortnite x Dragon Ball

Players can find the mushroom obstacle course West of Reality Falls, in the middle of the forest.

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Where to Find Mushroom Obstacle Course

Or if you need an exact location, look at our zoomed-in map below!

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Where to Find Mushroom Obstacle Course Zoomed In

But before you go and complete the quest, you should train like Goku, and look like him too! Check out the Dragon Ball bundles in Fortnite!

How to Finish The Mushroom Obstacle Course in Fortnite x Dragon Ball

Players will need to find a floating timer at the front of the mushroom obstacle course and interact with it to start the course.

Fortnite x Dragon Ball How to Activate Mushroom Obstacle Course Quest

You’ll need to activate the time trial by going to the timer pictured above by interacting with it. If going by the default control scheme, the interact button would be E on PC, X on Xbox, or Square on PlayStation.

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Then, you need to use small mushrooms and big mushrooms to collect the orbs of light around the obstacle course. Simply touching them will collect it, and there are a few scattered around the area!

Fortnite x Dragon Ball How to Finish Mushroom Obstacle Course Quest

It’s worth noting that the main obstacle is enemy players, as there will be plenty of people heading to this location for the next few days. We recommend getting there first, so others are distracted by the course.

And that’s it for one of the latest quests for Dragon Ball x Fortnite. But if you still need some Dragon Balls, make sure to check out all of the quests and rewards!

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