Players may think that the Tactique Verte Testing in DMZ is only to help players increase their reputation with the Crown Faction, but it also gives them an incredibly valuable item.

Tactique Verte is a weapon platform in Modern Warfare 2. It is one of the more popular ones and has ranked well in the player community and provided some of the best loadouts in past seasons.

Thankfully, this mission isn’t too difficult to complete and will help players gain a bit of an understanding of how weapon platforms work.

Tactique Verte Testing Crown Faction Mission Guide in DMZ

To complete the Tactique Verte Testing mission in DMZ, players will need to kill six enemies from a range of over 25 meters using one of the TAQ (Tactique Verte) Platform weapons.

After this, players must eliminate three armored enemies with the same weapon platform. These weapons include:

  • TAQ-56
  • TAQ-M
  • TAQ-V

When players complete this mission, they’ll obtain one of the most valuable items in DMZ, the Skeleton Key.

Players can access any locked door or item in any of the three DMZ maps with a Skeleton Key.

The best weapon to use is the TAQ-56 due to its firepower. The others can also work, but the TAQ-56 outclasses them in most aspects.

Players should complete these objectives in Al Mazrah since it offers plenty of areas to attack enemies from a distance.

Thankfully, 25 meters isn’t too big of a range, so players won’t need to worry too much about their location, but there are ways to help players determine exactly how far they need to shoot.

Tactique Verte Testing

Players need to equip the XTEN Angel-40 Optic scope attachment to do this.

This attachment is unlocked after players level up the TAQ-M to Level 11. The scope will allow players to determine the exact distance of the location they are pointing at.

Where to Find Armored Enemies in DMZ

The best place to find armored enemies to complete the Tactique Verte Testing mission is to head to Al Mazrah’s Strongholds.

But to enter one, players must first obtain a Stronghold Key from either the Buy Station or by looting one from an eliminated player.