To complete Search and Seizure contracts in Warzone 2’s Ashika Island map, you must unlock a guarded vehicle and drive it to a specific drop off location while avoiding incoming mortar fire.

This vehicle you need to recover will always be an SUV or a Patrol Boat, and there will be around four AI enemies guarding it.

Once you’ve picked up one of the best weapon loadouts for Ashika Island, follow these steps to complete a Search and Seizure Contract:

Warzone 2 Search and Seizure Contract Guide

  • Find a Search and Seizure contract in Ashika Island
    • These contracts appear on your tac map with an unlocked padlock icon
  • Pick up the Search and Seizure contract to start the mission
Search and Seizure Contract Warzone 2
  • An AI-guarded SUV or Patrol Boat will be marked on your map, which you need to unlock and drive to another location
  • Head over to the vehicle
    • There will be a small group of AI enemies guarding the vehicle, so you will need to kill them to unlock the vehicle safely
Search and Seizure Guarded Vehicle Warzone 2
  • Once you have killed the AI, head over to the vehicle and hold the unlock button for around 5 seconds to unlock it. This button is:
    • PlayStation: Square
    • Xbox: X
    • PC Keyboard: F
Unlock Vehicle Search and Seizure Contract Warzone 2
  • Jump in the vehicle, and a drop off location will be marked on your map
  • Drive quickly to the drop off location, as airstrikes will be called in on the vehicle you’re driving
Search and Seizure Location Warzone 2
  • To finish the contract, drive to the drop off location that will be highlighted with a yellow glow on the ground

Find out the best contracts to complete in Warzone 2 and how to complete them! That way, you can decide whether you should pick up a Search and Seizure instead of your usual go-to contract.

Search and Seizure Complete Warzone 2

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