Here’s how you can complete the Pokemon World Championships 2022 Timed Research in Pokemon GO as well as the rewards you’ll get for completing it!

With every new Pokemon, GO event comes plenty of new Research to complete and Pokemon to encounter. However, this new event is all about battling!

The Pokemon World Championships event in Pokemon GO puts the focus on competing against other players so it makes sense that the Timed Research that comes with the event tasks you with going head to head with other Pokemon trainers.

Here’s how to complete this Timed Research so you can earn some Elite TMs and other great rewards!

But first, make sure you know how to get the additional Team Building: Great League Timed Research from Twitch drops!

Pokemon GO World Championships

How to Complete Pokemon World Championships 2022 Timed Research in Pokemon GO

To complete the Pokemon World Championships 2022 Timed Research, you will need to battle Challengers who will appear at PokeStops from 10 AM local time on August 18 until the end of the event on August 23.

Getting all of the rewards and completing the Timed Research will require battling Challengers 5 times.

All Tasks & Rewards

There is only one step for this Timed Research but 5 different Tasks to complete. Here are all of the Tasks and rewards in the World Championships 2022 Timed Research:

Task Reward ImageReward
Battle a ChallengerPokemon GO Pokeball10 Pokeballs
Battle 2 ChallengersPokemon GO Fast TMFast TM
Battle 3 ChallengersPokemon GO Great Ball20 Great Balls
Battle 4 ChallengersPokemon GO Charged TMCharged TM
Battle 5 ChallengersPokemon GO Ultra Ball10 Ultra Balls

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Completion Rewards

After completing all 5 Tasks in the World Championships 2022 Timed Research, you will get a costumed Pikachu encounter, an Elite Fast TM, and an Elite Charged TM.

Reward ImageTimed Research Completion Rewards
World Championships 2022 Pikachu Pokemon GOWorld Championships 2022 Pikachu
Elite Fast TM Pokemon GOElite Fast TM
Elite Charged TM Pokemon GOElite Charged TM

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There is plenty more the event has to offer too. Check out all of the Pokemon in Raids during the World Championships event!

Plus, there are plenty of new Field Research Tasks in the Pokemon World Championships 2022 event for players to complete. This should definitely keep Pokemon trainers busy this week!

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