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How to Complete Nuketown ’84 Easter Egg in Black Ops Cold War

Nuketown ’84 is about to release worldwide for Black Ops Cold War players, and there’s a new Easter egg to discover.

In the past, Treyarch has put all manner of Easter eggs into variants on the fan-favorite map: Nuketown. Now, we see that Nuketown ’84 is no exception to the rule and comes with a rather unique Easter egg.

There have been some pretty unique interactions in the past, but we can safely say that this is the most creative Nuketown Easter egg yet. Long-term players might already know how to accomplish the secret.

black ops cold war nuketown '84 Easter Egg
(Source: Treyarch)

Here’s how to complete the Nuketown ’84 Easter egg in Black Ops Cold War and what it does:

How to Complete Nuketown ’84 Easter Egg

In the all-new Nuketown, players are actually returning to the ’80s, where the original testing facility has grown decrepit. As usual, there are a series of mannequins dotted around the game’s map though, and we’ll need these to uncover the secrets of Nuketown ’84.

To complete the Nuketown ’84 Easter egg, shoot off all the mannequin heads within a short time period at the match’s start (usually around 90 seconds). Doing so will uncover your hard-earned reward.

black ops cold war nuketown 84 leaked screenshot 3
(Source: Treyarch)

Unlike in Black Ops 3 and 4, mannequin zombies aren’t about to be your reward here. You’re not getting a song or retro video game either, as was the case in Black Ops 1 and 2.

Instead, successfully removing all mannequin heads will lead to you being transported to an 80’s-style synthwave version of Nuketown. Activision is working hard to make sure all videos of the Easter egg are taken down.

That said, the internet always finds a way to keep footage alive.

In addition to Nuketown, there are plenty of more post-launch maps on the horizon. You can find out everything we know so far about Black Ops Cold War Season 1 here.

If you’re looking forward to checking out this Easter egg for yourself, here’s when Nuketown is releasing in Black Ops Cold War. We’d imagine this will be pretty hard to pull off in a Multiplayer game, however.

Hopefully, Nuketown doesn’t suffer from Black Ops Cold War’s poor visibility issues too much. From what we’ve seen in new Nuketown ’84 screenshots, the map looks like a faithful remake of the original Nuketown.

Players can also enjoy a free Nuketown weapon bundle in Black Ops Cold War – but you’ll have to act fast to get it.

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