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How to Complete MultiVersus Daily & Season Challenges Fast – Easy XP Trick

Obtaining characters in MultiVersus can seem like a grind, but here’s how to complete Daily & Season Challenges fast for some easy XP!

MultiVersus brings together some classic characters like Batman and Shaggy to a brand new fighting arena. But to unlock every character, you’ll need to grind for gold.

One way to earn gold is to level up your account by gaining XP.

Thankfully, there’s a way to easily complete Daily and Season challenges to quickly level up your character.

Harley Quinn XP
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How to Fight Against MultiVersus AI in CO-OP to Complete Challenges

Players are able to hop into a CO-OP fight against the AI to quickly complete some of the more difficult Daily and Season challenges.

To jump into an AI fight, simply click “Play” and then select “CO-OP vs. AI.” From here, you can set up a co-op fight and get rewarded full XP and easily complete challenges.

This is something that players can use to easily level up their account and progress through the Battle Pass. Since you earn the same amount of XP as you would when fighting online.

It’s something pretty rare nowadays in free-to-play games but a very welcome addition in MultiVersus. Completing these challenges will eventually help you unlock characters by earning gold.

But to truly unlock characters quickly, you need to make use of every way to obtain gold in MultiVersus. Also, being able to perform well online and earn a Toast will help a lot.

Follow these steps, and you’ll be able to unlock all the characters in MultiVersus quickly. Even the three new characters that were just announced.

Since some of the challenges reset daily, this can be one of the most consistent ways to progress in MultiVersus, especially once you reach higher levels and require more XP to progress.

If you’re still struggling with the AI, then you may just be using a difficult character. Check out our complete MultiVersus Character Tier List for a breakdown of which fights to use to win every match.

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