With the launch of MW2 and Warzone 2 Season 4, a new set of DMZ missions have come along with it, and many players are struggling with the mission Laswell’s Letter.

If you are one of those players, you are in the right place, as below we have a step-by-step guide on completing this tricky objective.

Laswell’s Letter DMZ Mission Guide

Step 1: Read Laswell’s Letter

  • In the main menu of DMZ, click on the “Mission Objectives” tab next to “Deploy.”
  • In this tab, scroll all the way to the right to access your notes.
  • Read the instructions on Laswell’s Letter located in the Al Mazrah notes.


We have some important information we need relayed but our upload was interrupted

Go to an upload station at the top of a radio tower and resume the upload for us.

– Laswell
Where to Read Laswell Letter DMZ

Step 2: Upload Laswell’s Intel

  • Load into any map on DMZ, and search for a radio tower. These are the tall metal structures you can climb with a ladder – as shown in the image below.
    • Radio towers are not visible on the map, making them hard to locate. In our playthrough, we used the tower on the southwestern edge of Ahkdar Village in Al Mazrah, but there is also one located on the east of Zaya Observatory.
Radio Tower in DMZ
Radio Towers in DMZ
  • Climb the ladder up to the radio tower and upload the intel.
  • Stay on the radio tower while the intel is uploading.
  • Once it has uploaded, you will hear Laswell’s intel.

If you’re listening to this, then Black Mous received my message. I know you’re searching for who’s behind these underground facilities. We have a mutual interest in this information. My callsign is Watcher-1 and I believe we can help each other.

– Laswell
Laswell's Letter Radio Towers DMZ

Laswell’s Letter is just the begininng of the Black Mous Faction storyline so we are sure to hear from her later down the line.

Laswell is the head of the brand new Phalanx Faction in Season 4 and it appears she is looking for an alliance with Black Mous.

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