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How to Complete Keep Your Friends Close Mission in GTA Vice City

We’ve got a full walkthrough of the Keep Your Friends Close mission in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

GTA Vice City is a well-written, designed, and grounded game. The story has all the elements that make it worth replaying after all this time. 

The entire story plays out in the fictional world of Vice City and follows Tommy Vercetti as he rises to become the crime lord.

The missions do a fabulous job in capturing the essence of the story being told and put you on the front seat of all the action.

GTA Vice City Keep Your Friends Close
Rockstar Games

However, GTA Vice City has its fair share of hard missions, and one of them is the Keep Your Friends Close mission.

It also happens to be the last mission of the main storyline, which only adds to the difficulty.

Here’s how you can easily complete the Keep Your Friends Close mission in GTA Vice City.

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GTA Vice City: Keep Your Friends Close Mission Walkthrough

The mission starts in Tommy’s office, and right from the start, you are tasked with killing swarms of enemies charging at you.

One of the easiest ways to complete the mission is by stacking up on enough ammunition before you start with the mission.

For the Keep Your Friends Close mission, you should just go with an SMG and sniper rifle and make sure you are carrying enough bullets for those two guns.

Sonny’s men will try to enter the office, and it’s up to you to kill them before that happens. You can hide behind the desk and eliminate Sonny’s men that come from the stairs.

After you have killed more than a dozen bad guys, Lance will utter some dialogue. At this point, chase him while shooting enemies that come in the way.

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GTA Vice City
Rockstar Games

Lance will head to the roof of the estate follow him but don’t start shooting just yet. 

You can take the adrenaline pill if you want, which will slow down time, making it easier to kill the Forellis and Lance Vance. 

Lance will be wearing armor, so you may need a heavy weapon. At one time, it might feel like Lance is bulletproof, but he will finally succumb.

After killing him off, you can go downstairs in the small room and take the armor and resupply your ammo.

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Finishing the Vice City Story

Now, when you come out of the office, Sonny will arrive with two more goons at the bottom of the main staircase. To kill Sonny, use the sniper rifle mentioned earlier. This will quickly kill him and save you from fighting Forelli’s men.

Once you kill Sonny, the Keep Your Friends Close mission will be accomplished, and a cutscene will play. You will still be able to roam around to do different things after the mission.

You can even collect all of Vice City’s Hidden Packages or complete side missions if you are looking to get to 100 % Completion.

And the more daring players out there might even pull off the ultimate GTA and steal this tank.

Alternatively, why not mess around with the best cheat codes in Vice City?

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