Here’s the cheapest way to complete the Hybrid Nations SBC in FIFA 23!

The Hybrid Nations SBC tasks players with making squads using players from a certain amount of different countries. It can be challenging but is definitely worth completing for the rewards you get!

The Hybrid Nations SBC offers players a 100k pack upon completion. This contains 24 rare gold player items and is a great way to jump-start your FUT team.

What’s more, you’ll earn other high-value packs along the way by completing each of the 4 Squad Building Challenges!

Here’s how to complete the Hybrid Nations SBC for as cheap as possible!

But first, the new FIFA 23 chemistry system makes SBCs much more difficult. Be aware of this while you’re trying to build the squads!

Cheap Hybrid Nations SBC Solutions in FIFA 23

The Final Four SBC

Formation: 3-4-1-2

Zentner76GK1. FSV Mainz 05Germany
Bell75CB1. FSV Mainz 05Germany
Baumgartl76CBUnion BerlinGermany
Thoelke63CB SaarbrückenGermany
Skhiri79CDM1. FC KölnTunisia
SkibickiRM63Legia WarszawaPoland
ZyllaCAM62 Śląsk WrocławPoland
RedzicST64Ferencvárosi TCHungary
SzulcST58 Korona KielcePoland
The Final Four Solution

Estimated cost: 3,000 coins

Reward: Mixed Players Pack


  • Nationalities: Exactly 4
  • Same Nation Count: Max 4
  •  Same Club Count: Max 4
  • RARE Players: Min 4
  • Squad Rating: Min 70
  •  Squad Total Chemistry Points: Min 15
  • # of players in the Squad: 11

Tip: Use Bronze and Silver players already in your club to reduce the cost.

Six of the Best SBC

Formation: 4-4-2

Cheng YueleiGK61 Guangzhou R&FChina
PetrassoLB62Toronto FCCanada
Jiang JihongCB62 Guangzhou R&FChina
Yi TengCB62 Guangzhou R&FChina
ThompsonRB60Toronto FCCanada
RiemannGK79VfL BochumGermany
Pau LopezGK79MarseilleSpain
BouST77New EnglandArgentina
CastellanosST77Girona FCArgentina
 Six of the Best Solution

Estimated cost: 3,500 coins

Reward: Small Prime Gold Players Pack


  • Nationalities: Exactly 6
  • Same Nation Count: Max 3
  • Same Club Count: Max 3
  • Squad Rating: Min 75
  • Squad Total Chemistry Points: Min 18
  • # of players in the Squad: 11

Tip: Try using some of the Bronze and Silver players from the previous SBC pack to reduce the cost.

Read More: How to Get Chemistry Points in FIFA 23 – Chemistry Threshold Explained

Elite Eight SBC

Formation: 4-3-3

PlayerPosition RatingClubNation
MandousGK75Slavia PrahaCzech Republic
DorleyLB75Slavia PrahaLiberia
SutaloCB75Dinamo ZagrebCroatia
RakitskyiCB79Adana DemirsporUkraine
TsygankovRM80Dynamo KyivUkraine
SevcikCM75Slavia PrahaCzech Republic
Hybrid Nations SBC - Elite Eight Solution

Estimated cost: 5,500 coins

Reward: Rare Players Pack (50k)


  • Nationalities: Exactly 8
  • Same Nation Count: Max 2
  • Same Club Count: Max 3
  • RARE Players: Min 5
  • Player Level: Exactly Gold 
  • Squad Total Chemistry Points: Min 21
  • # of players in the Squad: 11

Tip: Using players from leagues outside the major five can reduce the cost of this SBC. Top 5 leagues include Premier League, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Serie A, and La Liga Santander.

Around the World SBC

If you cannot complete this SBC it's because the Web App seems to have incorrect objectives. You need at least 24 points, but a MINIMUM of 2 points per player.

The web app says it's EXACTLY 2 points, which is impossible with more than 24 points overall. Build it on the App, then submit it on the Console.

Formation: 5-2-1-2

Hybrid Nations SBC - Around the World Solution
Rui PatricioGK82Roma FCPortugal
VinaLWB75Roma FCUruguay
Rafael ToloiCB81Atalanta BCItaly
HateboerRWB80Atalanta BCThe Netherlands
WijnaldumCM80Roma FCThe Netherlands
PasalicCAM81Atalanta BCCroatia
AbrahamST82Roma FCEngland

Estimated cost: 9,000 coins

Reward: Rare Mega Pack (55k)


  • Nationalities: Exactly 10
  • RARE Players: Min 8
  • Squad Rating: Min 81
  • Chemistry Points Per Player: Min 2
  • Squad Total Chemistry Points: Min 24
  • # of players in the Squad: 11

If this still isn’t working for you, go into the SBC and build it per the minimum requirements.
Right-click to inspect and into “console”. Copy & paste the following line:
UTSBCChallengeEntity.prototype.canSubmit = function() {return true;}
Enter and exit, then submit!

Tip: Using players from one league can make this SBC straightforward

Group reward: Jumbo Rare Players Pack (100k)

Overall SBC cost ≈ 21,000 coins

Reward value = 205k

Once you have completed this SBC group, you may want to know how to complete the League & Nation Hybrid SBC.

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